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11.11 2016

The Do’s and Don’ts of Selling Jewelry

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During an estate sale, selling jewelry is often viewed as the quickest and easiest way to raise capital by parting with some small bauble. This is only partially true; there [...]

09.30 2016

Selling Jewelry: Your Do’s and Don’ts Guide for Success

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That small trinket box in your top drawer has been filled to the brim with mismatched earrings, yellow gold necklaces (even though your preference is white gold), and a few [...]

08.23 2016

Two Options for Selling Your Sterling Silver

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Sterling silver can be tricky to sell, especially if you know little about how it’s valued. Hiring an estate sale professional is essential in this case, and that’s where we [...]

06.06 2016

Where to find the Best Antique Jewelry in Orlando

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Orlando Estate Auction is your number one stop for antique jewelry. Do not settle or be swindled through online stores or by thrift, pawn, or vintage shops. Discover all of [...]

05.15 2015

What Can I Sell at an Estate Auction?

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One of the biggest concerns Longwood homeowners have going into an estate auction is whether their property will sell. An experienced consulting team can easily take a look through your [...]

03.27 2015

Estate Liquidation: What Can You Sell?

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An estate liquidation can be a fast and efficient way to sell a large amount of antique on your property. Let a liquidator take the stress out of selling by [...]