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Where to Sell Gold in the Orlando Area

Want to know where to sell gold jewelry in Orlando for the best price or what to expect when you sell gold? Here is a manageable guide and some tips to help you navigate the muddy waters of selling gold jewelry. Discover the basics of karat, weight and gold prices.

The last recession sparked a kind of gold rush among modern-day treasure hunters anxious to strike it rich selling gold. With the price of gold still comparatively high, selling unwanted gold jewelry continues to present a good opportunity for quick cash. Nonetheless, weeding out the true experts among the sea of gold buyers to get the best price can be tricky at times.

Determining The Value Of Your Gold

There are three main variables that effect the amount you may get for from the seller:

  • Weight (gold is marketed in troy ounces, but also measured in grams or pennyweights)
  • Spot Price for gold
  • Karat (how pure the gold is)

Karat, Weight and Spot Price Matter

Two variables in the gold buying formula never vary: the weight and karat. But the spot price of gold can shift by the hour. And the price a jeweler is willing to pay differs widely, as they consider their profit margin. This is why it’s a good idea to research where to sell gold before committing to a buyer.

Gold buyers aren’t hampered by any restrictions when it comes to purchasing gold. They can give you 100% of that day’s gold price and earn nothing, or they can grant you 10% of that days’ worth and hope to make a 90% profit when they sell it. An established jeweler will usually pay at least 50% of the gold spot price.

Where To Sell Gold Jewelry

The real question is where to gold jewelry for the best price? We recommend visiting several area jewelers around Orlando to find out what they will give you for your jewelry. Here are some suggestions for selecting a gold buyer:

  1. Choose a well-known jeweler. Look for someone who’s been in business for a while – they have a reputation to protect.
  2. Make sure the Goldsmith has a permanent location, preferably in the Orlando or the surrounding area. Always sell your gold to an actual brick and mortar store, like Orlando Estate Auction. Make sure you visit the location. Don’t just call.
  3. Consider what you intend to sell. If you have a unique coin, for example, it’s possible that the coin is worth more than the gold it consists of. If you suspect this to be the case, then consult a coin dealer. The same is true for antiques.
  4. Ask questions. Make sure you know the jewelers are honest about how they determine the worth of your jewelry.
  5. Recycle your jewelry. You may favor a jeweler who sometimes re-uses the gold they purchase. This has a reduced impact on the environment

Orlando Estate Auction

You should get the most out of your valuables, and we understand that the process of figuring out where to sell gold can be a nuisance. The professionals here at Orlando Estate Auction deal with selling gold jewelry on a daily basis and make it their mission to get the most profit. They are a safe bet for helping you sell your gold jewelry. Contact us or call us today 407-290-1000!

Our process of selling gold bars, gold collectibles and gold jewelry will place your gold items in front of collectors, gold buyers, online jewelry store owners, locals that collect gold jewelry and many other bidders, who will bid on your gold items at auction getting you the most value for your items. Our percent for selling your items is 35% which is well bellow the Orlando gold buyers average of 50%. Plus you are consigning your gold items to an auction which will set the value and not trusting a gold buyer and his appraisal or evaluation.

You may not like the idea of going to a cash for gold store, a gold buyer shop, a gold coin shop or other gold buyer in Orlando. At Orlando Estate Auction you can submit images of your gold items online using our online consignment form to begin the process of selling your gold at our weekly absolute auction. We hope that this information does not leave you still looking for places where to sell gold in Orlando and Central Florida as the best place to sell your gold is at our weekly estate auction.

This article should have taught you how to seel gold and the best places to sell gold in Orlando. Selling gold jew

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