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As Orlando Estate Auction we are considered Florida’s best estate liquidation business. As professional estate liquidators we provide our clients with rapid, efficient, and ethical estate liquidation services. Our streamlined service saves our clients who consign their estates with us to liquidate valuable time. To liquidate your deceased relatives estate with minimal frustration and maximum liquidation sales value you will only need to call one phone number to empty your entire property, Orlando Estate Auction at 407-290-1000 .

Why Choose Orlando Estate Auction as your estate liquidation sales professionals?

We will work with you efficiently to complete the sometimes complex task of liquidating an estate. Our estate liquidators are always near you as we have a fleet of trucks and professional estate liquidator staff who are trained to empty your estate with no damage to the real estate of the estate inventory.

We are the only estate liquidators in central Florida with the ability and experience to get your estate liquidation completed in a rapid, efficient and professional manner. Automobiles, jewelry, firearms, sterling, artwork, kitchen items, appliances, lawn mowers and electronics are the sort of inventory we frequently liquidate for our clients.

How Do Estate Liquidation Sales Work?

Our estate liquidation process begins with the submission of our consignment form that is located on our Consignment page. This form requests the attachment of photos of the inventory to be liquidated. This will give us an idea of quantity and quality, so we may give you an accurate commission percentage (typically 35%). When a full estate is consigned for liquidation, we dispatch a crew to the residence to complete the consignment and liquidation sales paperwork and collect the estate inventory to be liquidated. Upon their arrival they will fill out a consignment contract and ask that you sign it. This paperwork may be completed using email or fax yet is most often completed at the inventory collection location. Our estate liquidaqtors crew will pack up small items in boxes, move large items by hand, dolly or other method, items are secured in our trucks with straps, bracing, padding and other methods to secure the inventory to be liquidated and prevent damage to it. Once we load everything that we can sell on our truck, we transport and deliver the inventory to be liquidated to our auction gallery facility. Once your estatge liquidation sales inventory has been strategically positioned in our gallery it is photographed for use in advertising on our website and online platforms. The items that we liquidate for you are marked with your consignor number and positioned with other estate inventory in our gallery so that they are placed to get the most exposure to interested bidders. All estate liquidation sales items are advertised and promoted online on our website inventory page and also other online liquidation platforms. Your estate liquidation items are sold in our auction gallery the Saturday after we pick them up. Commission checks are mailed end of day the following Wednesday, an itemized reconciliation is included with the check.

Why Choose Orlando Estate Auction to liquidate your estate?

Orlando Estate Auction is the most comprehensive, efficient solution for liquidation of estate items. Rather than an Estate Sale which will only sell a portion of the inventory, Orlando Estate Auction will sell everything. We will pick up, sell, and reconcile most accounts within 10 days. You may then immediately work on listing the real estate for sale. At Orlando Estate Auction we are liquidation professionals with our own gallery, our own fleet of trucks and a professionally trained estate liquidation staff.