Estate Liquidation: What Can You Sell?

//Estate Liquidation: What Can You Sell?

Estate Liquidation: What Can You Sell?

An estate liquidation can be a fast and efficient way to sell a large amount of antique on your property. Let a liquidator take the stress out of selling by letting them handle the entire process for you. They will come to your residence in Altamonte Springs to collect all the items you wish to sell and will have them appraised. Your belongings will then be taken to an auction and you will receive a check in the mail with the earnings from the auction. When looking through old items, you would be surprised which are eligible to sell in such a sale.

What Can I Sell at an Estate Liquidation

  • Property: Many people do not know that this process can take large or small properties off your hands as well. Family homes, real estate, cars, boats and RVs are just a few examples of what can sell at estate liquidation. Selling these may require the presence of a realtor but the process goes much quicker and is easier than a traditional sale.
  • Coin Collections: Your money could be worth money! Don’t take your relative’s coin collections to a gold or silver buyer if you have no idea what the coins are worth. Have a knowledgeable and skilled appraiser examine the collection and make an educated estimation. Old coins can be worth thousands of dollars.
  • Antiques: From furniture, to guns, to musical instruments, people in Altamonte Springs want to fill their homes with pieces like these. Vintage and rustic antiques are the style right now and buyers will pay top dollar for antiques with character to add to their collections.
  • Silver: The worth of sterling silver is high right now but selling it can be a confusing experience. Don’t get swindled out of the money you deserve and take it to an auction to get the highest price.
  • Jewelry: If you find pieces of jewelry that you no longer want, including them in the sale can help reach a broad audience of buyers and will be a stress free way of putting more money in your pocket.

Orlando Estate Auction has the proven experience and will help you if you decide to hold an estate liquidation in Altamonte Springs. Call them to set up an appointment today at 407 290 1000.