What Can I Sell at an Estate Auction?

What Can I Sell at an Estate Auction?

One of the biggest concerns Longwood homeowners have going into an estate auction is whether their property will sell. An experienced consulting team can easily take a look through your home and determine the approximate worth of your items.

Selling Antiques

Before you turn to Craigslist to unload your grandmother’s favorite old rocking chair, call a consultant who can help sort through your belongings and recommend the best sales tactics. Many times what you deem as old and outdated could actually be a valuable antique, so keep an eye out in your attic for storage chests, guns, tools, or musical instruments. If you have larger items such as grand pianos or automobiles, they could also be worth a substantial amount of money to the right buyer.

Selling Sterling Silver

In addition to jewelry, a lot of items can be made of sterling silver, and can be quite valuable. Vintage silverware is often sterling and is something frequently seen at Longwood area estate auctions. However, there are a number of items that you could be harboring in storage unknowingly, such as tea sets, serving dishes, candle holders, flasks, cigarette/cigar cases, mirrors, or jewelry/keepsake boxes.

Selling Fine China

To the untrained eye, fine china can just look like fancy dinnerware, but to a collector, finding the right vintage tea sets, dishes, or serving platters to complete a collection can be a dream come true. Collectors often prefer to buy vintage china based on the major makers, styles, or originating regions. Your ancestry and vintage china could be worth a lot of money, so before donating or throwing anything away, consult with a Longwood professional about what estate auction market could get you the most money.

Selling Jewelry

Liquidations can be a great opportunity for cashing in on old heirlooms that have been passed down but gone unused. Oftentimes people hold onto passed-down jewelry for sentimental value, but if your jewelry box is full of natural pearls, colored stones, or diamonds that you simply never wear or have no use for in the future, call a consultant to talk about your jewelry’s value. You could be surprised it the worth of your heirlooms.

Selling Artwork

While a lot of artwork sells online, estate auctions remain one of the best ways to sell your paintings and sculptures. Art collectors in Longwood and surrounding areas often appreciate in-person sales because they can view the item closely, examining the details and flaws before determining whether they would like to make a bid on it.

Orlando Estate Auction

Whatever driving force may be behind your liquidation, Orlando Estate Auction can work with you to make the process as easy and lucrative as possible. Call us today at 407-290-1000 to consult with our team about how an estate auction could be the best option for your Longwood property.