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We operate the most efficient and comprehensive estate liquidation service in Central Florida. Our services include estate consignment, Antiques, Vehicles, Firearms, Furniture, Fine art & just about anything else you might find in a house! Here is how the process works:

Take Photos for Consignment | Orlando | Orlando Estate AuctionThe more detailed and clear you can be with your estate consignment inventory images, the better. These will be used to provide accurate assessments of the value your items may fetch. If there are any special features or unique highlights of a piece (for example, a seal of artisanship on an antique vase, a label of origin on a painting, or stained glass on a lamp, etc.) make sure to document them with photos and make a note of it for your appraiser.

While the bidders are the ones who ultimately determine the final price, having a realistic understanding of the market value will give you a better idea of what price your item may fetch come auction time. You might visit one of our Saturday auctions so that you have a better understanding of what the central Florida resale consignment, estate consignment, luxury consignment, designer consignment, upscale consignment and art consignment mart is. 

Our reputation for quality estate inventory draws a luxury crowd, due to this reputation our estate auction has developed into a highly desirable venue for liquidating an estate. Many estate and probate attorneys, funeral directors, elder care attorneys, and real estate professionals refer consignors to Orlando Estate Auction on a regular basis. 

No matter if you may have found us through an online search or were not refereed by an industry professional or other method of discovery, the fact is that you came to the right place. Fill out our consignment form and submit your images to begin the efficient worry free of positioning your consignment in front of tens of thousands of estate sale, luxury, designer and upscale consignment buyers.  

Make an Appointment for Consignment | Orlando | Orlando Estate AuctionAfter you send us your photos, we will review them for quality and placement in our estate auction. Once we have a general idea of what items you wish to sell using our consignment services, we will email you back to discuss your estate quality and make an offer for placement in our estate auction or provide alternate method of liquidating your estate if it is not up to the quality that is needed to be featured and liquidated at Orlando Estate Auction. 

Upon making an offer to be featured in our Orlando Estate Auction we will either schedule a pickup or if our estate is not of the quantity needed for a pick up we will ask you to bring it to our auction gallery. This qualifying process is needed as there are various levels of estate quality and quantity. Every estate can be  liquidated its just a fact that some estates may need to be liquidated by donation to a charity, some estates can be consigned at Orlando Estate Auction, and some estates may need to be sold at an on site estate sale. 

Estates that qualify as a donation level estate may have a few items, no car, no jewelry, no firearms. These estates are typically minimalist and contain clothing, linens, a few random furniture pieces and various household items. 

Estates that qualify for consignment and liquidation at Orlando Estate Auction are estates that tend to have antiques, collectibles, a car, estate firearms, estate jewelry, luxury consignment items such as furs, coins, stamps, fine art, musical instruments and fine porcelain pieces as well as other luxury estate inventory. Additionally this level of estate will contain designer items such as handbags, garments, furniture, coats, hats, watches and jewelry. This level of  estate will also contain upscale consignment items such as autographed sports memorabilia, hand woven rugs, animal skin rugs, leather furniture, leaded glass lamps, modern furnisings or mid century furniture, high end designer furniture and antiques. 

We Will Take Your Items for Consignment | Orlando | Orlando Estate AuctionTo make things as easy as possible for Orlando area residents looking to sell their items through our auction, we come to you! We fill out a consignment agreement on site then collect and load the estate sale inventory and deliver it to our facility. 

We hold auctions on Saturdays  at 4:00 p.m.  You can expect an experienced and professional team working for you to protect the value of your consigned estate items & provide results quickly.

Our efficient crew will take care and caution when packing up your goods for shipment to our auction gallery, so you can rest assured that your items will arrive safely.  It is our intention to get the most value we can for our clients.

Get Consignment Check in 10 Days | Orlando | Orlando Estate AuctionOnce we pick up your items, we advertise them, sell them on the following Saturday, then mail your consignment check with a reconciliation of your account on the following week. Our standard commission for this service is 35%.

The entire consignment process takes just 10 days!

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