How Public Auctions and Estate Auctions Work

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How Public Auctions and Estate Auctions Work

To find the best deals and the highest quality goods, look for estate auctions in the Maitland area. These differ slightly from public auctions because, while they are open to the public, they are not put on by the government. This means that you can get better deals, more variety of items, and an overall better bidding and purchasing experience.

Choose to Work with Estate Auctions

When deciding how you want to go about getting rid of items from your estate that you no longer want, use caution. It’s easy to simply unload your goods at a charity or donation center, but they may actually be highly valuable, so instead of dropping them off, you can sell them. However, most people in Maitland don’t have the time, energy, and space to sell large quantities of items like furniture, household goods, cars, and other belongings. This is where estate auctions come in. These public auctions give buyers from all over central Florida a chance to peruse and bid on the items you no longer need, getting them a great deal and getting you some extra income. It’s a win-win situation.

Estate Auctions vs. Public Auctions vs. Estate Sales

Sales typically take place at the home of a loved one who has passed away, so you are trying to get rid of their belongings, or at your home when you need to clear out some of the clutter. Either way, the sale happens on private property, where strangers come to you and offer an amount for your various goods for sale. This is not ideal for many reasons: strangers are coming to your home in Maitland to sift through your items, you have to handle all of the advertising, setup, selling, and take down on your own, and there’s no guarantee everything will sell. However, an estate sale is a public auction that will resolve all these issues.

Choose Orlando Estate Auction

By working with Orlando Estate Auction, we can handle all the hard work of public auctions for you. We’ll come to your home in Maitland, pick up the items you want to sell, bring them to our gallery, and prepare them for sale. Then, on auction day, we’ll sell your items to the highest bidder. We handle the advertising, selling, transporting, and all the other work for you. All you need to do is give us a call! Chat with us at (407) 290-1000 or contact us online.

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