Estate Liquidation Options: Sale or Auction

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Estate Liquidation Options: Sale or Auction

If you have decided to have an estate liquidation for your Lake Mary home, you may think that the hard part is behind you. However, you have one more decision that many homeowners often forget about—what type of liquidation they would like to have. The two most popular options are an estate sale or an auction, and each offer a unique set of pros and cons. At Orlando Estate Auction, we have recently expanded our services to the many cities outside of Orlando, including Lake Mary, Apopka, and Kissimmee!

Save Time on Estate Liquidation

Many Lake Mary residents, once they choose to have an estate liquidation, they want to process to go quickly. No matter if are downsizing or clearing out a deceased relative’s home, no one wants to drag out the process any longer than necessary. When choosing between a sale or auction, it is important to have a clear timeline set. A sale can take longer, since you will need to set up the home in a presentable way. Our auction services take a total of 10 days, from the day you call us to the day you receive your check.

Private Auctions

If you are having an estate liquidation because one of your relatives has passed away, it can be an extremely difficult time. If you choose to host a sale, you will need to clean their home and then deal with strangers walking through, touching everything, and haggling about prices. Instead, with an auction, we will pack everything up and host it at our auction house, so you never have to lift a finger or deal with strangers trying to bargain.

Immediate Profits

This is where the biggest difference between sales and auctions take pace. During an estate sale, people will walk through and choose what they would like to buy, oftentimes attempting to get a lower price. The first person to choose an item owns it. On the other hand, an auction will drive the prices up, since more than one person can bid on an item at the same time. This friendly competition will ultimately lead to you making more money.

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