Choose an Estate Auction Over an Estate Sale

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Choose an Estate Auction Over an Estate Sale

For Orlando residents looking to sell valuable items at a competitive price, you may be tempted to set up a garage or estate sale. This can be an effective way to clear out some of your inventory while making some money. However, there is a much more reliable and lucrative way to do so. Estate auction is the perfect solution. Read on to find out why!

Estate Sale vs. Estate Auction

An estate is similar in many ways to a garage or yard sale. You advertise the event, set up the items to sell, and watch over the proceedings while people come and go. There will be strangers coming to your property to rummage through your belongings. In addition, they may haggle with you over prices, and they may or may not buy anything. If they do buy something, then the chances are they won’t offer you a competitive price. So, you may end up selling so nowhere near the actual value of the item. But you don’t know if anyone else will come along and make an offer, so you sell it to the first person to come along. Ultimately, this means you, the seller, do not have the upper hand.

Estate Auctions: All the Pros and None of the Cons

Alternatively, with auctions, everyone wins. As a seller, the process could not be easier. Simply call Orlando Estate Auction, and we’ll come to your property. There, we will take inventory of everything we can sell that you wish to part with. Then, we will pack it up safely, and transport it to our downtown Orlando gallery. In one day, you can have your property cleared entirely of the items you want to make money on. However, this is not something you can do with an estate sale. This is an excellent option for those who are moving, businesses that are closing, liquidating, or relocating, and for those who simply want the items gone.

Once the items have undergone preparation at our gallery, we sell you items for the highest bid at auction. We operate an absolute auction, meaning there are no minimums or reserves and the item goes to the highest bidder. Overall, this leads to higher sales and more money back to you. Our auctions have an air of friendly competition and excitement that drive bids and encourage sales.

We take just about any item that we can sell. This includes home goods like antiques, furniture, silverware, cars, electronic devices, guns, jewelry, appliances, and more. On average, most of the consignors that work with us have a turnaround time of 10 days from the first phone call to sending your check in the mail.

Call Orlando Estate Auction!

If you are looking to clear your property of items for the highest price, call Orlando Estate Auction. We’ll show you why auctions are so much easier and more lucrative than an estate sale. To begin the process, use our consignment form or give us a call today at (407) 290-1000.