Consignment Auctions: A Win/Win Situation

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Consignment Auctions: A Win/Win Situation

Everybody has treasures and items around their home that they wish they could sell. Rather than advertise online, go through the hassle of meeting with strangers, and haggle on a price, use Orlando Estate Auction. Our consignment auctions attract collectors, specialists, dealers, and curious buyers from all over Central Florida and beyond. They come to our events with the knowledge that we don’t sell junk; we don’t waste their time. That’s a promise they don’t get at an estate sale, where everything is laid out on display. With estate sales, the seller pre-arranges the prices, and the best items are usually gone after the first day. For dealers, collectors, and bargain-hunters, estate sales are often frustrating, whereas our galleries are a goldmine they can count on.

How Does an Orlando Estate Auction Work?

With consignment auctions, the playing field is leveled on all sides; you, the seller, get to see interested buyers compete to purchase your items. You can watch the going bid rise in real time. The process is very simple. We send a team to your home or business, carefully catalog the items to sell, pack them up, and transport them to our gallery. You’re updated and in the loop every step of the way.

We hold consignment auctions every Monday and every Saturday. On average, at least 200 people attend, all of them with an eager eye towards buying. Attendees are allowed inside the gallery an hour before the bidding begins so they can preview every item. They can hold it in their hands, examine it, and marvel at the details and quality — whatever they need to do to make an informed purchase. Therefore, your sale is all but pre-determined and assured.

Consignment Auctions: Selectivity, Speed, and Sales!

Consignment auctions are fast, fun, and highly competitive. By working with Orlando Estate Auction, a sale is assured — we don’t stop until every item sells. When it comes to selling merchandise, we operate an absolute auction with no reserves and no minimums. And we sell everything from housewares to trucks and boats! In conclusion, within ten days of getting started, a check will be on its way to your mailbox. Not only that, but you’ve made some buyer very happy, and there’s now plenty of extra room in your garage or storage unit! 

Let Orlando Estate Auction help you sell your household treasures. Call us at (407) 290-1000 or reach out to us online for more information.