Best Places for Buying Antique Paintings

Best Places for Buying Antique Paintings

Buying antique paintings can add a level of sophistication and whimsy to your Orlando home décor. However, knowing the right place to buy them can be a challenge. The most important factor is finding a vendor you trust. If you’re questioning the seller’s credibility or the authenticity of the painting, you may want to consider looking elsewhere before dropping a substantial amount of money.

Where Do I Buy Antique Artwork?

Doing your research beforehand can save you from purchasing flawed, counterfeit, or overpriced items from dishonest dealers. Before you walk into any antique shop, estate sale or auction in Orlando, you should know what type of antique paintings you are looking for and what they commonly sell for. Once you’re more knowledgeable about antique art, you can begin the shopping process with your most common options:

  1. Antique Stores: If you’ve already done research about the type of art you’re looking for, you may have already figured out that not all dealers are going to carry it. The research process continues as you determine which shops carry the types of pieces you’re looking for. If you’re simply walking into shops in the Orlando area, you’ll need to look around and assess the type of store you’re dealing with before committing. Knowing the type of store you’re in is essential to finding what you’re looking for and being able to bargain.
  2. Estate Liquidations: Liquidation is often a result of divorce, downsizing, debt, or death and can come in the form of an auction or a sale. Estate sales have a more laid back atmosphere for the buyer than an auction, but both offer benefits when shopping for décor for your Orlando home. You’ll have the benefit of knowing where the pieces came from and are likely to inquire on a more personal level about the antique paintings you have your eye on.

While shops may struggle to move pieces and can sometimes have the same items for weeks at a time, shopping estate liquidations means you can find a wider variety of merchandise, as each estate has its own assortment of heirlooms to choose from. Estate sales can last a few days compared with estate auctions that only last a few hours.

Buying Antique Paintings From Orlando Estate Auction

Buying antique paintings get easier when you have knowledgeable experts working with you. At Orlando Estate Auction, you can access all three ways of finding your next piece of décor. To learn more about our services, and what you might be able to find here, call us today at (407) 290-1000.