Want To Sell Memorabilia? Check With Us First

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Want To Sell Memorabilia? Check With Us First

For anyone in Central Florida who wants to sell memorabilia items – sports, historical, cultural or otherwise – there are a couple of options available. Online Auctions are a risky business; you’re never really sure with whom you’re dealing. It’s common for unethical strangers to be dishonest with you. You might want to haul your stuff down to a local antiques or collectibles store, but they’ll cherry pick what they think they can re-sell. And because their overhead is high, they demand a sizable profit margin. Consequently, you’ll never get what you think your items are worth. To sell collectibles, the smartest option is Orlando Estate Auction.

The Most Expedient Way to Sell Memorabilia

The logic is simple: Collectors and dealers constantly hunt for memorabilia and collectibles. They have an insatiable appetite for new arrivals – items that haven’t previously been on the market – and they know they’ll find them at Orlando Estate Auction. Therefore, our weekly Auctions are extremely well-attended, and the bidding is fierce. The competitors understand that the auction doesn’t end until every item sells. They understand that the next auction will feature an entirely different inventory. They have to act quickly. To sell memorabilia, it’s best to bring your supply directly to the location of the demand – our auction house.

How Do Orlando Auctions Work?

It is a simple process. The Estate Auction team comes to your home or business, then catalogs and packs your items. They work with you on establishing the underlying market value of each item and create a starting bid for each. One hour before the auction begins, those whose business or passion it is to buy and sell memorabilia are allowed inside for a preview. This way, there are no surprises. By auction time, they know what you’re selling; each patron is provided with a detailed inventory list. When the bidding begins – and our fast-talking auctioneer holds up each item as it comes up on the list – they’re primed and ready.

Ready to part with Uncle Roger’s extensive collection of vintage soda bottles? Time for Dad’s box of autographed baseball cards to face the world again? Tired of hauling those crates of old records from one garage to another? Consider working with us. We know how to sell memorabilia quickly to the people who are hungry for it. The entire process usually takes ten days. You’ve had a lifetime to hang on to this stuff. Turn it into cash now, with minimal hassle, through the experts at Orlando Estate Auction.

Got something to sell? Contact Orlando Estate Auction or call at (407) 290-1000, and let’s talk!

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