Selling Antiques: DIY vs. Professionals

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Selling Antiques: DIY vs. Professionals

When it comes to selling antiques, few in Orange County are equipped to do so expertly. Whether you live in Windermere or Belle Isle, you might be considering the benefits of downsizing or creating space in your home, but parting with your great aunt’s China cabinet can prove more challenging than you might expect. Some individuals donate to local museums or libraries, but many want to make a profit by hosting an estate sale. Between DIY and hiring professionals, it’s important to consider both approaches.

What to Expect With DIY

Selling antiques is no small job for those who live in Belle Isle. First, you have to identify what’s valuable and handle pricing. This is challenging because what looks like junk could prove to be a rare treasure. You can also expect to spend a lot of time online poring over sites to locate the best price for your grandpa’s class ring or your set of sterling silver. You’ll also be responsible for advertising in Windermere. A Facebook post isn’t enough, and the classifieds are old hat.

DIY means that you’ll host the estate sale, so prepare to have locals walking throughout your property. This is time-consuming, and not everyone who attends will be respectful of closed doors. You may sell items and free up room in your house, but the money you make selling antiques might not measure up to what you would get at an auction.

DIY Downsides

The problem with DIY is that there are potential pitfalls in every department. Time is limited, and advertising doesn’t always reach the masses. There are missed opportunities, like overlooking a painting that is worth more than expected or, perhaps, overpricing an old sewing machine. Belle Isle homeowners put time, money, and energy into hosting the event, but don’t yield significant profits. You’ll still have to take items to a donation center, and you’ll be tired. When it comes to selling antiques, make sure your efforts in the Windermere area are worth it!

Perks of the Pros: Selling Antiques with Orlando Estate

With Orlando Estate, you get all the benefits of hosting a sale without doing any of the grunt work. Instead of guessing at prices and posting an ad on craigslist, let professionals tackle the task in Belle Isle or Windermere. Our team will handle:

  • Inventory
  • Research and pricing
  • Transport and setup
  • Advertising and hosting
  • Auctioneering
  • Cleanup

We make selling antiques simple for Orange County residents. We host multi-day estate sale auctions in an art gallery in downtown Orlando. This approach makes your belongings more visible, and the competitive environment usually leads to higher prices. Once the items are out of your Windermere or Belle Isle home, all you have to do is wait for the final check, so call 407-290-1000 to get started!