Where Can I Sell a Car in Orlando?

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Where Can I Sell a Car in Orlando?

Many people believe that auctions are just for antiques, memorabilia or collectibles, or for the quick liquidations of entire estates. While a good part of Orlando Estate Auction’s business is, indeed, estate sales, we also move a lot of automobiles. If you’re wondering ‘where can I sell a car?’ consider the auction alternative. As long as you own the title free and clear, we’ll do all the heavy lifting – bring us the vehicle and leave the rest to us. Orlando Estate Auction has events every Monday and Saturday, and we’ll sell your vehicle at auction, to the highest bidder. Guaranteed. You’ll receive a check within ten days of contacting us. Where can I sell a car? Right here.

Orlando Estate Auction Advantage Over Other Sales

The hassles that go along with selling an unwanted or surplus car are almost too numerous to mention. A dealer who’s in the used car business needs to make a tidy profit; therefore, he’s going to make you a lowball offer. And you’re not likely to get a good price – even with haggling and negotiation – by posting the vehicle online. Online buyers are looking for bottom-drawer prices. Then there’s the annoying fact that you need to be on your computer, or on the phone, fielding calls, questions and unsatisfactory offers for your car.

Forget the classifieds – hardly anyone reads newspapers anymore. So, to answer: Where can I sell a car? You can sell it through Orlando Estate Auction, where 200 prospective buyers gather on Saturdays and Mondays, every week. And some of them just want to look over your car – and maybe even pay good money for it. You don’t get that guarantee online, or at a used car lot.

Where can I sell a car? How’s this: Orlando Estate Auction sells several cars a week, in all conditions. So, dealers and curious buyers have our auctions circled on their calendars. They’ve already been assured, through previous experience, that we don’t sell junk. And they have a full hour, before each auction starts, to look the car over during our preview. By the time the action begins, they’ve looked the car up online and have a good understanding of what its general value is.

Where Can I Sell a Car in an Exciting Environment?

Also, auctions are exciting community events. You don’t have to be in attendance when we sell for you; if, however, you’ve never been to an auction, may we suggest you come out and watch when your vehicle comes up on the block? It’s always fun watching an auction, especially if you have a proprietary interest in what’s in the spotlight. Auctioneer Jason Zeek will start with a low figure – there’s never a high starting bid or a reserve price – and once those numbers start rolling off his tongue, the offers begin to flow and the selling price rises accordingly. It’s breakneck, and it’s breathless, and the temperature rises. If where can I sell a car has been the number one question on your mind lately, the number one answer needs to be: Orlando Estate Auction.

Don’t spend any more time wondering, “Where can I sell a car?” Let us help you move that unwanted or surplus vehicle, and turn it into cash. Call us at 407-290-1000 or fill out our contact form with any questions or requests!

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