Estate Sale vs. Estate Auction: Which Is Better?

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Estate Sale vs. Estate Auction: Which Is Better?

Whether a loved one has passed on and you need to do something with the personal belongings they left behind, your company is facing liquidation, or you simply need to purge some of the items from your home in Windermere, you may be debating the difference between an estate sale and an auction. Though they may sound similar, the two are quite different. Read on to discover the differences and to help you determine which is right for your situation.

Estate Sale vs. Auction: Ease of Sale

For many Windermere residents, the goal of hosting an estate sale is to get rid of belongings and to bring in some extra money. While this is achievable with hosting a sale, an auction can be a lot more lucrative. With a sale, people come to your property, browse the goods available, and make you an offer. Chances are, you want to sell the item, so you give it to the first person who makes an offer. This means you may sell an artifact for much less than it is worth, and this is especially the case for vintage or antique objects that many dont know the true value of. With an estate sale, you have a trained and experienced auctioneer and appraiser who can identify the market value of your belongings and make sure they go for the highest bid. The bidding atmosphere creates a sense of urgency and causes an inflation of value, meaning you get more money for your things!

Moving and Selling Items

Imagine an estate sale as the equivalent of a large-scale garage sale — people from all over Windermere come to your property, maybe even enter your home, and pick through your stuff. Many people don’t want strangers in their home or coming to their personal property, so having a third party estate auction company come and pack everything up to take to the offsite showing gallery is seen as much more desirable. Imagine trying to move that antique armoire or ship those Swarovski crystal vases on your own. Instead, the professionals can take care of all of the hard work and labor for you, which means you can get rid of the items quickly and make a profit in no time at all

Orlando Estate Auction’s Estate Auction Services

With a professional auction service, you won’t have to worry about the actual selling of the items, since they will do it for you. With years of experience and expertise in the industry, we know how to make sure the atmosphere is conducive for competition to get bids up to market value, earning you the biggest check when we send you your income a week later. All you have to do is give us a call! You won’t have to lift a single thing like you would with an estate sale! These events are the most powerful and simple way to sell items you no longer want in Windermere. To learn more about Orlando Estate Auction, give us a call today at (407) 290-1000.

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