Orlando Estate Auction is where to sell antiques to antique buyers

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Orlando Estate Auction is where to sell antiques to antique buyers

Usually, when you team up with an antiques dealer or antique buyer, you have to bring the items to their storefront for review. Though this approach is traditional, your efforts might seem tedious. However interested in your belongings the owner may be, they might pass on yours if they already have several like it. Even if you find a shopkeeper in Orlando to work with, how do you know you’re making the best deal? If you don’t know much about the products themselves, you might accept an offer for a lot less than the owner will sell them for. Don’t risk missing out on profits. Instead, consider the benefits of an estate auction.

Finding Antique Buyers Near Me

You may search the net to find an antique buyer near you to sell your antiques to. Once you locate an antique buyer within reasonable distance you still must transport your antiques to them for an appraisal and possible sale to them. This process is daunting if you have more than a small side table to sell. It really doesn’t matter how near to you an antique buyer is the large job is transporting the antiques on the chance that they might buy a few of your items. Then you are left with a car, truck or trailer full of antiques that did not interest them to deal with. All you were looking to do was sell your antiques for cash at an antique shop nearby yet now you are left with the remainder to deal with. At this point you are wishing that you had done more research on bow to sell antiques in Orlando Florida.

Finding Antique Stores Near Me That Buy Antiques

Searching for an antique store to buy your antiques can be a mind boggling task. The Antique buyers that are near you might not be interested in the antiques that you have to sell. These antique buyers have specific clients that they may be shopping for and if your early American items do not match their French Country buyers your truck sits full of your antiques with no where to sell them. Selling antiques in this manner is time consuming and by the time you have been turned away from two or three antique buyers you are desperate to sell your antiques and it doesn’t have to be near you at this point.

At O.E.A. We Will Sell Your Antiques At Auction!

Auctions are an appealing alternative to hunting down buyers and piecing out your antiques. At Orlando Estate Auction we consign and sell antiques at our weekly estate auction. When you consign with Orlando Estate Auction you will no longer need to beg antique buyers to buy your antiques for cash as we will consign and sell your antiques and issue a check within 11 days. For large amount of items we can even dispatch a truck to come to your location and pick up your items. Leave the loading to us, all you need to do is submit images of the antiques that you want to sell for cash and we will get back to you to discuss and make any needed arrangements. In some instances you might not be selling antiques in enough bulk for us to dispatch a truck. In that case you might consider adding some more items to what you need to sell or transport them yourself to our auction gallery in Orlando.

Where The Antique Buyers Are!

Antique sellers, Antique Buyers, Antique Shop Owners, Antique Collectors, Antique Consignment Shop Owners and the likes all spend their Saturday evenings at Orlando Estate Auction. These business owners come to Orlando Estate Auction to buy their inventories. Our weekly antique auctions feature antiques from several estates for sale to the highest bidder. Our bidders depend on our quality inventory to stock their stores. Put your antiques in front of our bidders to sell them for cash to the highest bidder.

What Is An Estate Auction?

Auctions are an appealing alternative to selling your antiques to an antique store owner, yard sales or estate sale because the antiques dealer at Orlando Estate handles everything from pickup to pricing to promotion. You can pass off the responsibility of conducting research, creating listings, and scouring eBay to figure out what your set of sterling silver flatware is worth. Not only that, but we host our antique auction every Saturday in our antique gallery Downtown. This saves you the headache of setting things up and sitting inside while people amble through your personal living space.

Perks of Cosigning your antiques at an Estate Auction

We’ve already touched on the perks of hiring Orlando Estate Auction to sell your antiques By choosing our company, you gain additional exposure because regular buyers bid at our estate auction gallery every Saturday, and our Downtown location is inviting to antique store owners, antique dealers and antique buyers from Orlando, Orange County and the surrounding counties. The competitive environment of an estate auction invites bidding and increased profits, so trade in your yard sale plans and submit photos of your antiques for sale here!

Choose Orlando Estate’s Antiques Dealer

Don’t settle for a traditional shopkeeper— up your profits in a competitive environment, and let our staff in Orlando manage your event or company liquidation. We handle it all, so you don’t have to do a thing but call us for a consultation:

  • Removing items from your property
  • Research and pricing
  • Advertising and promotion
  • Setup/hosting/teardown
  • Auctioneering

If this sounds like a good fit for you, don’t hold back. We can answer your questions about the estate auction process. If there’s more you want to discuss, call 407-290-1000 to speak with one of our antique consignment specialists.

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