Estate Auction & Estate Sale FAQs

Estate Auction & Estate Sale FAQs

At Orlando Estate Auction, we have recently widened our service regions to the greater Orlando area, including Lake Mary, Longwood, and even Kissimmee! We know that estate liquidations are not that common in the smaller areas, which is why we have come up with an FAQ list so you can get all of the necessary information regarding the selling and buying process of antique items and collections:

What is the Best Way to Sell My Belongings?

  1. While you will have two main options, either an estate sale or auction, we recommend auctions, simply because they will be easier for you. Once you decide to sell, we will come to your home, pack everything up, host the auction, and send you your money. It’s that simple!

I Don’t Have Any Valuable Antiques, Can I Still Sell?

  1. Yes! You don’t need to have high ticket items to have a successful estate auction. In fact, our auctions don’t stop until everything is sold—which is a much more lucrative approach to getting rid of the items you no longer want than just throwing them out!

Can’t I Just Host an Estate Sale on my own?

  1. You could, but it can turn out to be more stress than it is worth. Plus, you could be under estimating the value of certain items. When you host an estate at your home in Kissimmee, you are opening up your home to strangers to come in and go through your things. In addition, it is first come first serve, so there is no competition to drive the price up. Lastly, you may have some items that go unsold, which lowers your total profits.

How Long Will It Be Before I Get My Estate Auction Money?

  1. At Orlando Estate Auction, we know that Kissimmee residents, just like those everywhere else in the world, want to make their money as quickly as possible, which is why we have created a process that is as expedited as possible. We host auctions every Saturday, and that following Wednesday we will send you a check of your profits, minus our commission. The entire process, from packing up to receiving your check, takes just 10 days.

At Orlando Estate Auction, we want to help as many homeowners as possible have a successful estate liquidation, which is why we have now expanded to the Kissimmee area. We have been buying and selling merchandise for years, and you can feel confident that we will make you the most money possible on your antique items! For more information, call us today at 407-290-1000.