How to Prepare for an Estate Auction

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How to Prepare for an Estate Auction

Planning for an estate auction to liquidate your Orlando property has a lot of advantages for you as the seller: items sell quicker, competition makes prices hike, and strangers aren’t traipsing through your home. The process can be stressful though, especially when you aren’t sure how best to prepare for it.

Hire an Auction Agent

This is the first thing that you should do when planning for liquidation because an experienced agent will help keep you organized and on track while you sort through your belongings. Orlando Estate Auction can help make this an easy, more profitable process for you.

Although you may not want to pay a fee, keep in mind that the percentage you have to pay is also the agent’s incentive to sell your items quickly and for the highest price possible. A professional not only sees the potential profit in your items, but also knows how to stage them in an auction house to look more appealing to buyers.

Decide What to Keep or Sell

Take time to locate any precious heirlooms, photo albums, and important documents, and make sure to put them some place safe so that they do not get mixed in with items you intend to sell.

Once you know what you’re keeping, your agent will look at what is left, pack them up safely, move them to the auction house and start pricing them. This is where an estate auction consultant in the Orlando area will help you the most. They have the experience to know what your belongings are worth and how to stage them to maximize profit.

Keep an Open Mind

Just because you might think something has no value, doesn’t mean that is the case. A professional agent can more accurately assess your property to give you a sense of its value. Before you go donating old clothes, furniture, books, jewelry, or anything else, consult with a liquidation specialist, and make sure you are not tossing things that could bring in good money.

Call Orlando Estate Auction

If you are in the unfortunate circumstance of downsizing due to loss of a loved one or financial problems, call Orlando Estate Auction at (407) 290-1000. Our experts can help you organize the belongings in your home and prepare for liquidation.

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