The Best Methods for Selling Antique Furniture

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The Best Methods for Selling Antique Furniture

Perhaps youve decided that the old vanity that has been sitting in your guest room has gathered enough dust or the hand-carved mahogany bookcase you have in storage is taking up too much space. If you have decided that selling antique furniture in Orlando is the best option for you, you are likely considering all of the different methods of sale from which there are to choose. Of course, you wish to get the most for your items, and you likely want to list them for sale in as painless a way as possible. Consider the following ways to get the most bang for your buck!

eBay or Craigslist

The go-to option for many individuals is to turn to online auction or sales sites like eBay or Craigslist for selling antique furniture. The problem with this method is transportationif you list something online, shipping costs factor in, which can turn those away who might otherwise be interested in purchasing your items. If you succeed in finding a buyer for an item on a site like Craigslist, you then either have to have a stranger come to your home or transport the item to a neutral location in Orlando so that they can pick it up. This is an inconvenience at best and somewhat unsafe otherwise.

Host an Estate Sale

More advanced and comprehensive than a garage sale, an estate sale is a common method of selling antique furniture for many Orlando residents. The setup is the same: you prepare your home (estate) for shoppers to come to and peruse for items they are interested in purchasing. Then, either they offer a price theyre willing to pay, or you establish how much money you want from the buyer. There may be some bargaining, so be prepared for that.

Find Success at an Estate Auction

Estate auctions are the preferred choice of selling antique furniture for those that understand what they entail. Very different from an estate sale, the auctions are much more convenient for the seller. With our help, we will come to your home, take inventory, pack everything you want to put up for sale, transport it to our downtown Orlando gallery, and prepare it for auction. There, it will go to the highest bidder, and thanks to the auction atmosphere, chances are it will go for a higher price than simply setting it out at a garage or estate sale. You get the item out of your hair, and we simply mail you the check once it has sold. Its a win-win situation!

Selling Antique Furniture with Orlando Estate Auction

When you decide its time to list that vintage grandfather clock or the Civil War-era dining room set, contact the professionals at Orlando Estate Auction. We have years of experience helping clients get the most money from selling their antique furniture, and we can help you too. For additional information, contact us today for a quote!