4 Tips Used by Our Estate Sale Company to Make the Best of Your Sale

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4 Tips Used by Our Estate Sale Company to Make the Best of Your Sale

Nearly everyone is faced with selling the possessions of a loved one that has either passed or moved on to a smaller living space. Selling off the property of a loved one can be emotional and overwhelming, but following a few simple parameters can ease the stress. When gearing up for selling a family member’s possessions, keep these four guidelines in mind, and don’t hesitate to bring in a professional estate sale company in Orlando to help.

Bring the Family in on the Discussion

Oftentimes, family members will want to keep a physical token as a memento. It’s important to make sure family members have the opportunity to choose these items before the sale begins. That way, you can avoid animosity later. Sometimes, holding a meeting well before the thought of hiring an estate sale company can ease the process.

Determine Which Items Might Have Value

Since family members can accumulate many possessions over a lifetime, it’s important to establish which items have value. These are the pieces you will want to focus on. Sometimes, it’s not easy to tell which items hold value, and you might benefit from bringing in a professional. Experts can help you determine the difference between an antique and a replica or a first edition novel and a reprint. In Orlando, the value of some items might be different from other areas. You might consider hiring an estate sale company to assist with determining the value of items.

Choose the Best Place to Sell the Items

A garage sale-style open house might not be the best place to sell your family member’s items. Some items will sell better online or in a consignment shop. Doing research prior to the event can help you determine which items should be sold off beforehand in a different venue. Books, for instance, unless they are rare and valuable, might sell better online. Clothes with value could fare well in a consignment shop, while generic pieces can be donated. The Orlando area is ripe with consignment shops and donation centers that are happy to have these items.

Know When to Hire an Estate Sale Company

Sometimes, the thought of being in charge of selling a loved one’s possessions can be overwhelming. If the estate is large or if emotions are too strong, hiring an estate sale company might be the answer. Establishments like ours have years of experience in the industry and can help you take the guesswork out of determining which valuables to sell off.

If you find the process too overwhelming, give Orlando Estate Auction a call at 407-290-1000. We are standing by and happy to help you with this process.