3 Ways to Tell How Old Your Antique Furniture Is

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3 Ways to Tell How Old Your Antique Furniture Is

Figuring out the age of your antique furniture is good indicator of its value. Having an idea of its worth will help to ensure you get the highest return possible. However, determining the age of an antique item utilizes a combination of elements rather than one definitive factor, so some degree of detective work is required. If you find the process to be too overwhelming, give Orlando Estate Auction a call and we’ll gladly handle the appraisal and auction for you. In the meantime, here are three helpful hints to guide you along the way.

Determine the Style Period

The overall style of your furniture will give you an idea of what era the piece is from. While it’s a good idea to research each piece separately, there are a few generalities that are universally accepted. For example, English furniture from the fifteenth century routinely includes highlighted floral and animal-based patterns, while furniture from the seventeenth century often feature elaborate engravings and gildings. Antique furniture available at Orlando Estate Auction usually includes pieces from many different eras.

Inspect the Craftsmanship

Upon close inspection, antique furniture typically has some irregularities on its surface. These imperfections indicate that the piece was made by hand, not by machine. Scan every nook and cranny. Look at the bottom, side, and back of a piece. Behind doors and inside its crevices are good places to look for these characteristic irregularities. Sometimes an imprint or etching can be discovered that will either include a date or some sort other sort of indicator that will help you determine an approximate age.

Identify the Materials

Another tool to help you figure out the age of your antique furniture is to take note of the materials the piece is made of. Expert antique collectors check the type of metal, wood and other materials that were applied to a piece to help determine what era it originated from. Anything made before the 1700s is usually made of oak. If it was manufactured after the 1700s then there’s a good chance it was made of either mahogany or walnut because those were popular materials then.

Orlando Estate Auction for Antique Furniture

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