Join the Minimalism Movement with an Estate Auction

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Join the Minimalism Movement with an Estate Auction

Maybe you’ve been looking around your home with the realization that you have too much stuff. Maybe you heard or read about the craze around the “minimalism movement” and the concept really resonates with you. Maybe you want more space and a little more cash in your pocket.  Whatever the reason, letting go of some of your “stuff” can benefit you greatly. On average, a person owns thousands of trinkets, goods, effects, articles of clothing and things. Clearing away the clutter and the potential to earn a little money from the items sold are just a few of the enticing benefits of the minimalism movement. You can get started today with an estate auction in Sanford. Here are some tips and tricks to clearing away your unneeded possessions and making the most out of a sale.

Ask Yourself the Right Questions

It can be easy to talk yourself out of getting rid of certain possessions because of sentimentality or uncertainty. When sifting through your items to determine what to sell, make sure you ask yourself pointed, direct questions to help you decide what to purge. Questions can include:

  • Does this item bring me joy?
  • Does this item have any practical use?
  • Will I miss this item?
  • Have I used this in the last year?

Chances are, if the item in question is a trinket that has been sitting in your dresser drawer for over a year, you won’t miss it. That treadmill that’s been sitting in your garage, unused for the past twelve months? Chances are you’re not going to use it, and exercise equipment is a hot item that will sell quickly at an estate auction in the Sanford area.

Categorizing Your Inventory

Once you have decided what to purge, it is time to categorize into “sell,” “donate,” and “toss” piles. Items that traditionally do well in sales include furniture, jewelry, antiques, artwork, and electronics. Items you might want to donate include old clothing, kitchenware, and trinkets. Items to toss will include anything broken or unable to be reused.

Once you have categorized everything, it is time to contact the estate auction experts in Sanford.

How We Can Help You with Your Estate Auction

We’re dedicated to serving the Orlando area and our presence in the community is well-known and reputable. We understand the intricacies of the business and can help you get the most money for your items.

Your new minimalist lifestyle is well on its way. Contact Orlando Estate Auction at 407-290-1000 to get started today in Sanford.