See How Easily You Can Profit from Antique Furniture

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See How Easily You Can Profit from Antique Furniture

You may be downsizing your home or looking to make some quick money in Orlando. Perhaps you have always enjoyed looking at collector’s items, or you already have a small collection passed on to you from a great aunt. Whatever the case, you can gain green from antique furniture. The staff at Orlando Estate Auction can assist you in this process to make it as pain-free and profitable as possible!

Buy It, Then Refurbish

Do you have a Rococo dining room set that needs a new coat of stain? Or maybe, you suspect that the inexpensive hutch recently posted on Craigslist is an 18th-century piece. You can turn a profit by refurbishing the antique furniture. Giving it an update will improve its appearance and can increase its value.

Be wary of DIY, because preservation is at the heart of refurbishment. If you slap on just any old stain, it may not be in line with the piece’s history or it might even damage the wood. This can compromise your eventual profit, so seek out professionals of the trade in or near Orlando.

Consult Professional Analysts

When you consult with professional antique furniture analysts, you stand the best chance of turning a profit. With their expertise and guidance, you can improve the likelihood of your earnings. Without them, it turns into a big game of guesswork. If you are in the thick of downsizing or moving, this is too much to take on. Research goes far beyond a google search; think of the time and money you could waste if you assume the wrong period or wood type.

Orlando Estate Auction: Antique Furniture Services

Our business specializes in estate auctions. This approach to sales means:

  • Everything gets sold
  • Items sell beyond market value because the price is determined by the attendants
  • You are not inconvenienced in your house, because the action happens off site

Our auctions do not conclude until every item has sold, whether it’s antique furniture or a baseball card collection. We host the event at our downtown gallery in Orlando, so it can span several days without disrupting your home life. This location increases the number of individuals who attend and, thereby, improves the chances of sales. Contact us to begin the process!