Orlando Estate Auction Company | Why We’re Helpful

//Orlando Estate Auction Company | Why We’re Helpful

Orlando Estate Auction Company | Why We’re Helpful

Last month you decided it was time to move into that two-story country estate in Orange County that your parents left you and your wife in their will last year.  You have decided what items you want to keep with the family, and which items you would like to sell or auction, so it’s time to contact an Orlando estate auction company.

You’ve also had your current home in Tampa on the market and you have several potential buyers.  The sale could happen any day now so you can’t afford to waste any time.

At first you had the impractical idea of conducting an estate sale yourself, that is, until you realized what’s involved; how long it would take to inventory all the items, tag everything, advertise and oversee the sale.  Then you realized it would be smarter to call an estate auction company in Orlando.  Once you took the time to do your research, you realized all that time you could save by just letting the professionals handle it.

Choose Orlando Estate Auction Company

An estate auction company in Orlando would take care of everything for you.  You either sell your inventory to the auction company outright, or you could have them conduct an auction for you in their Orlando gallery.

What a relief it was to locate a company in Orlando that could handle the complete auction process, including;

  • Packing & Moving
  • Preparing items to be sold
  • Performing the auction process (Fast-Efficient-Convenient)
  • A Guaranteed wide range of bidders

You also discovered you had a choice of allowing the estate auction company to conduct either a Reserve Auction or an Absolute Auction. Since you had already decided on what items you cherished, and really wanted to keep, you figured why bother with whether bids were “high” enough as set with a Reserve Auction.  But using the Absolute Auction where the bidders simply start bidding and highest bid wins, you estimated you could probably earn enough commission to pay the moving company to move your belongings from the Tampa home to the country estate, which was your main objective anyway. Call 407-290-1000 to get started!

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