Does Your Business Need Company Liquidation Services?

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Does Your Business Need Company Liquidation Services?

Choosing to close your business and liquidate your assets is never an easy decision, but sometimes it is the only option left. The key to being successful during your company liquidation in Longwood is to hire the best auction company you can find. This way, you can be confident that you will receive the highest profits for your items in order to more effectively pay off whatever debts you may owe.

At Orlando Estate Auction, we have been serving the greater Orlando areas for years, hosting weekly auctions in order to raise the most amount of money possible for our clients, and you can be confident that we will do the same for you.

Identifying Assets for a Company Liquidation

Before your company liquidation in Longwood, you will need to identify whatever business assets you have; these could be anything you can sell in order to make the most money. It can be both physical property like desks, chairs, phones, cash registers, real estate, and company vehicles, or it can be less tangible assets such as leases or contracts that are below market value or your customer base list, which is more dependent on the good reputation you have built over the years.

Should you ever need to file for bankruptcy, it is vital that you take the time to record how you sold everything, to whom, and for how much, which is something we can help you keep record of.

Selling Business Assets with Company Liquidation Services

Once you have identified all sellable items, you will need to decide if you are going to sell on your own or if you will hire someone in Longwood to do it for you. At Orlando Estate Auction, we know that company liquidations can be difficult and stressful, which is why we recommend hiring a professional to assess your inventory, price your items, and sell them for the best attainable price.

When you hire us, we will create an itemized list of everything to be sold, pack up your items, and move them to our auction house. We hold auctions every Saturday, and you will receive a check of your profits minus our commission within ten days! Let us make this process a little easier for you, and call us today for more information at 407-290-1000.