Benefits of Auctions Instead of Estate Sales

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Benefits of Auctions Instead of Estate Sales

Emptying a property can be an overwhelming task. As an Orlando area seller, you want to go about this process in a way that is going to cause the least amount of headaches yet produce the best financial results. Choosing to hold an auction over holding estate sales can provide you with those results you were hoping for.

Why Choose An Auction?

How Are Auctions Different?

Auctions are when property is sold to the highest bidder, and anyone in Orlando and the surrounding areas can attend. They are put on by trained auctioneers who are in control of raising the price with each interested buyer. This gives off a sense of urgency which creates some friendly competition, an atmosphere that makes attendees more likely to participate, and make a purchase.

The items at estate sales will sell items based off of a set price. They are more similar to a common garage sale that is on a first come, first serve basis, where the alternative gives all buyers an equal opportunity to purchase an item. Auctions also take the stress of figuring out set prices away. Auctioneers will do all of the pricing for you.

They produce the best financial results: An auction in Orlando attracts a crowd full of ready and willing buyers. These items sell for whatever price the highest bidder has agreed to pay, which tends to end in a greater profit. With estate sales, people are unaware or unwilling to negotiate on set prices, making them less likely to buy something if they feel as if a price is too high.

All items sell: Auction items tend to sell all in one day. With an auction, you can hold the event during the weekend and then receive a check, along with a list of items, and the prices they were sold for, within the next week. Choosing to go forward with an estate sale may require multiple sales that can last over the course of a few weeks.

Let Us Ease Your Estate Sales Stress

When deciding the best way to sell items, chose the method that is going to provide the best results. Give Orlando Estate Auction a call at (407) 290-1000 to find out more information on our full service liquidation services. Let us provide you with the finest experience.