Company Liquidation: Professional VS. DIY

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Company Liquidation: Professional VS. DIY

At Orlando Estate in Oviedo, we know the ins and outs of company liquidation. Whether you need to sell corporation vehicles or a commercial lease, we recognize how to help you best. Many owners are tempted to take this on in an effort to save money, but this choice comes at a cost.

Professional Company Liquidation

At Orlando Estate, we offer the complete company liquidation package. Our experience and knowledge of the industry leads to more revenue for you. We limit overhead expenses by organizing an auction in a short amount of time because we know how and where to advertise in Oviedo. Hiring us allows you to reduce stress and focus on other pressing business matters.

DIY Liquidation

Liquidating a business with significant assets is easier said than done. There is a lot of work involved, such as:

For some, DIY may seem like your only option due to limited funds, but we urge you to be wary. How much time do you have? The work involved will involve more time due to a lack in necessary experience for a speedy sale. Are you comfortable negotiating? If you choose to DIY, you are responsible for getting each creditor to agree to a settlement.

Another risk of DIY is losing the option to file bankruptcy. We understand the amount of work involved in company liquidation, and it can overwhelm those inexperienced in the industry. Once you’ve started negotiating your own assets, you can seldom go back and file bankruptcy.

The Orlando Estate Difference

Let us take the load off when it comes to business liquidation. Whether you’re a small or large business owner in Oviedo, experts at Orlando Estate keep the big picture in mind while taking care of all the details. Call us at (407) 291-1000 to learn more about the Orlando Estate Auction difference.