How to Prepare for an Estate Liquidation Auction

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How to Prepare for an Estate Liquidation Auction

The goals of estate liquidation can vary from clearing out your St. Cloud home to raising quick cash. Whatever the case, you want to generate a profit. To do this, you need to prepare.

Select Your Approach to Estate Liquidation

First things first, determine whether you‘re going to hire a trusted professional or try to handle a sale yourself. One might consider DIY, but beware: it isn’t as easy as it seems. Do you have the time and money to do the job well? How wide is your marketing reach in St. Cloud? What is your appraisal experience? Have you taken classes from skilled appraisers?  When you choose to hire our experts, we take inventory, appraise, market, and sell the items at an auction. Downsizing or carrying out procedures after a loved one passes can be an emotional strain, so let us take the load off.

Identify What You Want to Keep

After deciding to hire an estate liquidation professional, you need to identify what you want to keep. By doing this early on, you can avoid trouble later. If you treasure your father’s Schrade folding knife, set it aside. Same goes for Aunt Viola’s vintage Chanel brooch. If you learn an item’s potential value, it could create confusion and unnecessary stress for you. Similarly, we have seen people change their minds after contracts have been signed. This is problematic because owners have already agreed to sell and may have to pay a fee to keep something. Help us by separating the things you want to keep before we arrive.

Don’t Toss Anything Out

Our estate liquidation professionals are trained to see value in everything within your St. Cloud home. We know that unused rolls of paper towels and jars of mismatched nails are someone else’s treasure. If you only focus on big ticket items, you’ll miss out on opportunities for profit. Things you deem fit for the dumpster could be useful to someone else; so, avoid the urge to clear out the clutter underneath the bathroom sink and let us take inventory of everything.

Orlando Estate is the Answer

Estate liquidation in St. Cloud should be simple and lucrative, and our personnel at Orlando Estate can make it so. Contact us today at 407-291-1000 to schedule an appointment. Save yourself time and money by leaving the tough work of an estate auction to us!