Company Liquidation: The One Thing You Need To Know

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Company Liquidation: The One Thing You Need To Know

Taking a step towards company liquidation is an important move if you want to turn some of your belongings into cash. St. Cloud businesses often collect old hardware, furniture, and materials that may turn out to be of more value than expected. Many companies also decide to liquidate because they want to make use of their holdings in stocks and bonds. No matter the reason, there is one important thing you need to know when approaching company liquidation:

Everything Is Worth Something

Whether it is as high as you wish it to be or not, almost every item is worth at least something. When you explore company liquidation in St. Cloud, keep in mind that there could easily be hidden gems that have sat, unused for many years in your business. Underneath a stack of old client files, you may happen to find some old closed-end funds that are actually worth hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Maybe you upgraded your mechanic shop to a new garage, and in the cabinet no one ever used, there’s a wrench that turns out to be a hundred-year-old Crescent wrench worth hundreds of dollars. Even if something in your building sells for five dollars, that is five dollars you didn’t have before, and those add up quickly.

Consult a Professional

It is very difficult for the untrained eye to notice when there is an item that is high in value. In 2013, a simple bowl sold at a garage sale for $3. It turns out the bowl was over one thousand years old, from China. That bowl, though it could have been mistaken for a simple cereal bowl, ended up selling at auction for 2 million dollars. With the help of an estate auction professional, you can identify random items of worth during your company liquidation, and may be able to bring in a lot of money to help boost business in St. Cloud.

For Company Liquidation, Call Orlando Estate Auction

Orlando Estate Auction has been assisting clients all around Central Florida and St. Cloud with their company liquidation services for years. We’ve seen businesses uncover highly valuable goods that sell for a premium when we take them to auction and plenty others that end up making a fair amount while achieving the goal of simply getting rid of “stuff.”  Whether your company is looking to downsize, you are looking at moving to a new house, or you just want to reduce the number of personal belongings you have, contact us to help you turn your unused object into money. For more information, call today at (407) 290-1000.