Antique Collectibles and How to Place the Right Value on Them

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Antique Collectibles and How to Place the Right Value on Them

At Orlando Estate Auction, we will assist you in placing the proper value on all of your antique collectibles. Why struggle with trying to appraise items yourself? Don’t lose money by allowing others to take advantage of you, or waste countless hours researching values online. We cherish our customers as much as we value their items. We believe that the buying and selling process should be stress-free, organized, easy, and professional.

What May Determine the Value of Antique Collectibles?

There are several things buyers and sellers should look at and consider when it comes to antique collectibles.
Is the item still working? Just because it is up for auction does not mean that it is still functioning.

The category of antique collectibles your item falls under will also affect its value. Is it considered:

  • True antique (100+ years old)
  • Near antique (75-99 years old)
  • Vintage (40’s, 50’s, 60’s, etc.)

Where you choose to sell and buy your items can affect the value. Different locations may place a higher value on items that they paid less for. Make sure you are not overpaying when you visit:

  • Garage sales
  • Thrift stores
  • Pawn shops

Why Buy and Sell Antiques at Orlando Estate Auction?

If you are looking for quality care and professional values, then it is important to select the right auction house. We provide outstanding, ethical, and profitable service to those in the Florida area. We guarantee:

  • Great Prices
  • Client focused collaboration
  • Full-service estate liquidation service
  • Assistance with packing, moving, prepping items, transporting, and selling
  • Ten day process and completion
  • Auctions will not end until all items are sold
  • Passionate professionals
  • Anyone can attend and bid on items in the sale

We work with furniture, jewelry, electronics, home decor, guns, artwork, gym equipment, antique collectibles, and more! We promise to aid you in placing the right value on your precious items whether you are buying or selling. Call (407) 290-1000 or visit us at 2573 Silver Star Rd., Orlando, Florida 32804 today! See the difference. Know the value.