3 Ways Antique Dealers Can Get You Exposure

3 Ways Antique Dealers Can Get You Exposure

Whether you’re moving away or just wish to downsize, liquidation can be a complicated DIY process. You know that the items you’d like to sell are valuable, but you may be unsure about how much they are worth. Also, it can be difficult communicating this information to buyers. Hosting garage sales in Orlando and advertising on Craigslist are not reliable sources of income. Plus, they take time and do not promise a return. Antique dealers have the expertise and are a terrific avenue for gaining exposure.

Online Inventory

Some sellers utilize the world wide web to reach buyers. They may have the inventory on their site or use a public domain, like eBay, to reach a wider audience. If they manage the bids, you can focus on the impending move or life’s other demands.

Estate Auctions

Estate auctions are popular amongst sellers because a certain crowd gravitates to these events in Orlando. Your Grandmother’s furniture and Grandfather’s Navy uniform will have a wider audience at an estate auction. Not only will the antique dealers select the optimal starting price, but the bidding can also quickly exceed what you may have imagined! Auctions create a sense of urgency, so your items are likely to sell for more than you would have gotten if you had chosen the price.

Public Galleries

At Orlando Estate, we display your paintings and fine china in our public gallery downtown. That way, locals and visitors alike can view the items over a span of several days. This will:

  • Provide exceptional exposure
  • Gain a wider audience of bidders
  • Likely increase the return on what you’re selling

Our antique dealers pick up the materials and itemize the inventory off-site, so your responsibility is as simple as hiring us! If you have tools, sterling silver, cars, and more that you are ready to sell, we can help you gain the most exposure.

Orlando Estate: Expert Antique Dealers

Are you ready to part with some of your heirlooms or collector’s items? If you have any of the following, consider the profit you could make:

Our staff can identify your potential profit and save you the time and hassle. When you choose to work with our staff in Orlando, you increase exposure and potential profits. Call 407-290-1000 to speak with one of our antique dealers today!