Consignment Store or Auction? Make the Better Choice!

//Consignment Store or Auction? Make the Better Choice!

Consignment Store or Auction? Make the Better Choice!

In a consignment store, some of the merchandise remains unsold for weeks, months or even years. If you’re on the constant lookout for antiques or interesting bargains, it’s often frustrating to visit and re-visit the same old shops and see the same stuff every time you’re there. For buyers, therefore, Orlando Estate Auction can make all the difference. We sell self-contained lots of items on consignment – entire households and estates, in fact – and every auction is completely different. The turnover is total.

Benefits for Orlando Buyers and Sellers Both

Conversely, the benefits are many for sellers. By entrusting your merchandise to Orlando Estate Auction instead of a consignment store, you’ll get an interested, captive audience of buyers. Our Monday and Saturday auctions are always extremely well-attended. From collectors and dealers to aficionados and the just plain curious, come to buy various items. And since the auction doesn’t end until every last item sells, you can be confident that dusty consignment store shelves aren’t in your future. Your goods will become cash in a total of 10 days or less.

The Sales and Auction Process

Whether you’re looking for quick sales on jewelry, furniture, antiques or household items, here’s how it works. Once you contact Orlando Estate Auction, we send a team of professional appraisers and packers to your home. Every item you wish to sell at auction is cataloged and carefully packed. You’ll receive an inventory list or a directory created for bidders. Next, your goods will go on display, one hour before the scheduled auction. Subsequently, each potential bidder knows what he or she is interested in. The highest bidder takes every item.

More Than What a Consignment Store can do for You

The staffers in a consignment store often know next to nothing about the things they’re selling; likewise, estate sales at homes or businesses are often frantic, frustrating affairs. At Orlando Estate Auction, a full-service estate liquidation business, leave nothing up to change. Organization and focus are critical. Research reveals an item’s potential value, with the starting bids set accordingly. Even better, there are auction house regulars who attend our fast-paced, competitive events every time – and even before they get there, they know what they’re looking for. Your inventory, as a result, might just catch their eye. Which means you likely have a buyer-in-waiting before the auction fun even starts! Contact or call (407) 290-1000 and find out how Orlando Estate Auction can make a big difference for you!

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