The Advantages of Vehicle Auctions for Buyers and Sellers

//The Advantages of Vehicle Auctions for Buyers and Sellers

The Advantages of Vehicle Auctions for Buyers and Sellers

Buying a car from a stranger by perusing the online classifieds is a risky business. On the other hand, most people would rather not spend their precious free time going back and forth with a sales clerk at a car dealership. Fortunately, there are non-frustrating alternatives. You’ll find some of the best opportunities in the area at Orlando Estate, where our vehicle auctions put a wide variety of cars and trucks on the block. Private owners and other auto sellers use our sale events to connect directly with buyers, assuring them of a hassle-free sale. In the long run, the auction marketplace is the better deal for both buyers and sellers.

Vehicle Auctions: Sellers’ Info

At Orlando Estate, we don’t use minimum bids or reserve prices. Absolute auctions don’t end until every item sells. As the seller in one of our vehicle auctions, you don’t even have to attend if you’d prefer not to.  From start to finish, we take care of everything for you.

The auction is preceded with a one-hour preview, during which prospective buyers can look your car or truck over. By the time the bidding starts, everyone has a good idea of the items he or she is interested in bidding on. For everyone’s comfort, all of the bidding and action takes place in our air-conditioned gallery.

Vehicle Auctions: Buyers’ Info

We specialize in estate liquidation, which means we deal with a little bit of everything. Along with our fluid inventory of antiques, art, furniture, and other items, the automobiles coming up for auction are viewable on our inventory page. You can call and request a test drive of the car you’ve got your eye on.

The Orlando Estate Auction Advantage

Buyers and sellers alike flock to the vehicle auctions at Orlando Estate. On average, about 200 people attend each event. As a result, the bidding is fast, furious, and highly competitive. You might be bidding against dealers, lot representatives, private citizens, or, by the same token, nobody at all! That’s half of the fun of the experience. Along with privately contracted sales, we sell cars from dealer trade-ins, repossessions, leasing companies, and more.

Call Orlando Estate today for more info on the vehicle auctions process at (407) 290-1000 or contact us to learn more.

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