How to Select the Best Estate Sale or Auction Service

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How to Select the Best Estate Sale or Auction Service

The events surrounding an estate sale or auction can be stressful. It could be your first experience participating or, perhaps, the circumstances surrounding the event are a source of anxiety. Whatever the case, you can ease the strain by hiring us, the best service provider in Orlando.

Ask the Right Questions

When interviewing companies, it’s important to be prepared. Asking the right questions will put you in the best position to make the right choice. First, you should be aware of the difference between auctions and estate sales. Before choosing a company to interview, identify what you want most from them and prepare questions to ask. If a business interests you, ask if you can attend an upcoming event in Orlando to see how they handle things. No need to do the research yourself; we’ve taken care of that for you. Some questions you should ask include:

  • How long will it take from set up to receiving my check?
  • Are there additional expenses beyond your commission?
  • What types of insurance do you have?
  • Do you have experience or expertise with items I’m selling?
  • How much tax do you charge?
  • Tell me about your credentials.
  • Can you provide references?

You will want to know whether they have an appraiser on their team and how items will be marked down in a multi-day event. If an item has value nationally or internationally, will they post it to an online auction? Auction managers who have had experience with estate sales, like ours, will make your auction a success, so don’t settle for less. You should follow up on any references given because they will provide the best insight into customer satisfaction. Reviews online can also be helpful.

Carefully Read the Estate Sale Contract

Any substantial auction business will have a contract, but that doesn’t mean every place in Orlando with a contract is trustworthy. Our contracts provide necessary details about what we charge, when the event is scheduled, and when you will be paid. This is much more substantial than the free-for-all of an estate sale. It’s important to know what happens to items if they don’t sell and how many days the event will be. These are details you should also expect to see in the contract. After documents are signed, you will receive a copy for your personal records.

Orlando Estate: the Best Choice for Estate Auctions

Sometimes, an estate sale or auction can be a welcome event for Orlando residents, but not always. We know that some situations can be tough, and you just want the task to be complete. Let Orlando Estate help by handling the details and doing the job well! Contact us today at 407-290-1000 to learn more about our auction and liquidation services.