Estate Liquidation: How Does it Work?

//Estate Liquidation: How Does it Work?

Estate Liquidation: How Does it Work?

It can be difficult to deal with estate liquidation in Orlando, especially if you know nothing about the process. If you have recently lost a loved one, or you are simply downsizing, placing value on a lifetime’s collection of household treasures can be overwhelming. An absolute auction is the best way to maximize your return and minimize your inconvenience.

Orlando Estate Auction handles every step of the process quickly and courteously. Our weekly sales draw hundreds of eager buyers. You could easily spend weeks or months sorting through a household full of articles and trying to put a price on them. Or you can let our enthusiastic cash bidders compete to set a value. You’ll receive a check the following Wednesday for all of your goods, along with an inventory and complete list of selling prices for each item.

How Estate Liquidation Works

When you contact us, we will dispatch our professional and respectful crew to your location within 2-3 days. At your direction, we will carefully pack each item that you wish to sell and we’ll provide you with a detailed inventory.

We’ll truck everything to our facility and prepare it for sale. For you, as a seller, there are several advantages to using our downtown gallery. You won’t have buyers traipsing through your home. You avoid the parking and traffic issues that can be a nuisance in a residential neighborhood. Our space is configured to display and sell your articles in the most favorable fashion. Best of all, we draw hundreds of energetic buyers to compete for your goods.

Another advantage for sellers is that we get paid based on how much money we make for you. Our commission (usually 35% for most items) gives us every incentive to make sure you get the maximum amount from our customers. We’ll use our experience handling estate liquidation in Orlando to present your assets optimally.  Favorable groupings, timing and knowing which of our regular buyers are interested in certain types of items will all work to maximize your profit.

What Can I Sell at an Estate Liquidation?

You can sell almost anything that you would find in a house, a basement or garage at an absolute auction. Liquidation and estate auctions bring out frequent buyers who will pay cash for a wide variety of household goods. Some of the items that are always in high demand and bring top prices include:

  • Antiques and collectibles
  • Jewelry
  • Guns
  • Artwork
  • Electronics
  • Tools

Orlando Estate Auction conducts an absolute auction each week. Our bidders come prepared to buy your merchandise.

Sellers’ Advantage of Estate Liquidation

An absolute auction is the most efficient method of estate liquidation in Orlando.  With no reserves and no minimums, all items are guaranteed to sell. The sale only ends when all pieces have been sold. This is a distinct advantage over tag sales, which always have leftover unsold items.

With online sales, you could spend weeks photographing and listing each individual piece, and even more time arranging payments and shipping. Or you can let us handle all of the details and have your goods sold and have cash in hand in less than two weeks.

You have our assurance that we will treat you and your family with the utmost courtesy and respect. We’ll handle all of your goods carefully and maximize your return. It is the trouble-free way to quickly convert a houseful of goods into a handful of cash.

Buyers’ Advantage of Estate Liquidation

Bidders like the absolute auction, too. They can see every piece and if they win the bid they take it home right then and there. They don’t have to guess about values like they would at a tag sale or in an antique market. The crowd determines a fair value through competing bids. They don’t have to worry about being outbid at the last minute, like with online or silent auctions. They can simply keep bidding until they feel a fair price has been reached.

Buyers come from all over Central Florida to find unique treasures and quality household articles at Orlando Estate Auctions. If you are considering estate liquidation, let us show how easy it can be to turn your unneeded housewares into cash.

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