Estate Auction: What to Do When Your Items Don’t Sell

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Estate Auction: What to Do When Your Items Don’t Sell

Trying to get rid of your belongings can be a daunting task. Many people opt for a sale, pricing every individual item and trying to sell it. Often this is a slow process, especially when time is a valuable commodity. This is where an estate auction can help you quickly liquidate your Kissimmee property. For the majority of people, having others bid on items is more cost effective, more successful, and less stressful than an outright sale.

What are the benefits of choosing an auction instead of an estate sale?

  1. Everything goes. One of the problems associated with a traditional sale is that sometimes items just don’t sell. Some of them may have been priced too high for buyers; others may have not appealed to any buyers. Auctions also tend to attract a wider variety of people, increasing the chances that all of your items will be sold. Since our auctions have no minimum, we guarantee that everything will sell!
  2. Privacy. Most people aren’t too thrilled with the idea that strangers will be poking around their property during a sale. In an auction, all of the items for sale are transported to the auction house, leaving little hassle for the seller.
  3. We handle everything. Once you decide to have an estate auction, the auction company will send professional movers to your Kissimmee home to transport all of the sale items to the auction location. Courteous and efficient, these movers will save you the headache of getting your things to auction.
  4. Quick turnaround. Sales can last a few days, with a turnaround of a month at the very least. With an auction held once a week off of your property, you can expect a turnaround in about ten days.

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