Company Liquidation: Auction Your Assets

//Company Liquidation: Auction Your Assets

Company Liquidation: Auction Your Assets

Closing the doors on a Kissimmee business you worked hard to establish is never easy. Most of the time company liquidation is downright scary. At Orlando Estate Auction we can ease some of this stress by quickly and efficiently clearing out any building or office and selling your assets off. Some people are wary of hiring a Kissimmee auction company, thinking that they may not get the biggest return without set prices. However, individually pricing and try to sell your assets can be a huge undertaking, creating an unnecessary headache in already stressful times.

What an Auction Can Do for You

Many people get nervous when holding an auction is suggested. They view the competitive buying method as too risky for company liquidation, thinking that some items will not sell and ruin any hope of getting a significant return. These fears are unfounded though, as auctions have a very high success rate with very little stress put onto the seller. Here are some of the benefits that we have to offer:

  • True Market Value (or more) On Most of Your Items. Traditional company liquidation sales consist of cataloging and pricing out every item from your Kissimmee business. This pricing is usually done by one or two people. At an auction, pricing is determined by all of the potential buyers in the room. This competition also tends to drive the prices up, especially on high demand items.
  • Larger Crowd. Since our auctions are held at our downtown gallery, large amounts of buyers are attracted to a professional venue tailored to the buying and selling experience. With a larger crowd that views all the items together, items sell at higher prices to the highest bidder, not at a set price to the first person to field an offer.
  • Everything Will Sell. All of our auctions are run as no reserve, no minimum. All of your items will sell, either through auction or consignment afterwards. This makes for a quick average turnaround time of ten days.

Call Us for Your Company Liquidation!

Here at Orlando Estate Auction we will do whatever we can to take some of the stress and guess work out of handling the sale of assets during your company liquidation. We work with great professionalism and efficiency to clear out any property and bring your items to the buying public in Kissimmee. We will sell any equipment, electronics, office furniture and supplies in addition to real estate and property estate. Let us handle all of the heavy lifting and hard work and get you the return that you need to pay back your creditors and possibly put money in your pocket. Give us a call today at (407) 290-1000.