4 Ways to Prepare for Holding an Estate Sale

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4 Ways to Prepare for Holding an Estate Sale

Orlando residents hold an estate sale for various reasons. They may be downsizing properties after retirement; they might be relocating to another state, or they simply want to embrace a minimalist lifestyle. Whatever the case, the endeavor takes a lot of work. Our professional team has some tips to help you with the process!

Scout Out Estate Sales in Your Area

Before you assume the task, scout out events in and around your area. This will give you an idea of what works well and what to avoid. Poorly designated parking and a lack of promoting can lead to low attendance, and a failure to thoroughly dust can make you less likely to inspect belongings. By making observations and taking notes, you can create a more effective plan for your own estate sale in Orlando. Go a step further and talk with the host to learn about their approach. You might learn that they are not the homeowner, but a professional in liquidation services.

Price Items Clearly

Without a clear indication of a price, you might miss out on profits. You never know which things, however obscure, will garner the attention of someone who attends; so mark every single piece that you are willing to list. Print clearly on stickers so that there is no question about the price you’re requesting.

Inform Your Neighbors Beforehand

As a courtesy, let your neighbors in Orlando know that you are hosting an estate sale at least a week before the event occurs. Not only is this polite, but it also gives them the chance to make plans elsewhere instead of being bombarded by sale-goers unexpectedly. Depending on your relationship with your neighbors, you might even ask if they would permit attendants to park in front of their homes.

Hire Estate Sale Professionals

At Orlando Estate, our team can help you create profits by hosting a successful estate sale. Our team takes on all of the heavy lifting (literally and figuratively) by:

  • Taking inventory and moving items off site
  • Researching item value for optimal pricing
  • Displaying inventory in a gallery downtown
  • Promoting the event for high attendance
  • Managing the auction component of the event

Forget about the inconvenience of hosting the event in your home and let our professionals conduct the auction off site in our downtown gallery. We are experts in liquidation, valuation, and promotion, so your items are more likely to sell with our help. Call 407-290-1000 to learn more!

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