Liquidation Services: Residential and Commercial

Liquidation Services: Residential and Commercial

Going through the liquidation process can be an emotionally draining experience. Maybe you need to empty a storage unit, are managing the estate of a deceased loved one, or are closing down your business. Without the proper guidance, it is difficult for both residential and commercial property owners in Winter Park. Working with a liquidation services company can help ease the discomfort and uncertainty of what to do next.

Residential Liquidation Services

For many families, this usually occurs after being left the estate following the death of a loved one. It can be heartbreaking to shift through the possessions and try to assign a value to each item. A liquidation services company will make it more manageable to get rid of old stuff in Winter Park. They will help you go through and itemize your goods, taking note of everything that is to be sold. Next, they’ll move and sell the marked items quickly for the best possible price. When done properly, this removes an immense amount of stress from the customers and can help move the grieving process forward.

Residential liquidation is also a good alternative to a garage or estate sale. By working with a company such as Orlando Estate Auction, you can be certain that everything will be sold, and at the best possible price.

Commercial Liquidation Services

It is never a simple process to close a company. While you terminate your accounts in Winter Park, a liquidation services company will work with you to sell your remaining inventory and materials. This turns out to be an advantage for many business owners, as they can focus their attention more on other surrounding issues, such as paying back creditors.

Why Orlando Estate Auction is the Right Choice

Orlando Estate Auction provides the best liquidation services in Winter Park for both our residential and commercial clients. Our professional and experienced staff knows the best way to collect, catalogue, and effectively sell your goods. No matter what the items, from silver and antiques to office supplies, we will get the best price and sale for you. We hold auctions every Saturday and send you a check of the profits within ten days. For more information on either residential or commercial services, call us today at 407-290-1000.