Liquidation Services 101

Liquidation Services 101

Whether you’re trying to clear an estate or you have closed a business, liquidation services are the easiest, quickest way to turn your items into profit. In Maitland, you can easily find businesses that claim they can turn your items into cash, but be wary of empty promises. By doing a little research and arming yourself with knowledge, you can truly get the most for your valuables by taking them to auction.

Why You Need Liquidation Services

There are many reasons why you may need to sell a large quantity of items in a short amount of time, such as relocating or the death of a relative. With the help of an estate auction company, you can eliminate a supplies surplus and instead can use the earnings to move forward to your next adventure in Maitland.

Should I Have an Estate Sale?

We won’t tell you what to do, but we can certainly offer professional advice. People in Maitland often immediately turn to estate sales when it comes to liquidation services, but estate auctions actually have a long list of benefits that make them more worthwhile.

  • Get the items out, right away. The company will come in, inventory your items, pack them up, and take them to the gallery. You’ll be able to sell or move other items into the space immediately.
  • Turn a higher profit. Items at auctions don’t just go to the first person that makes an offer. A bidding system generates a much higher profit thanks to competition and market demand. In the end, this means more money for you.
  • Handle all of the selling. Many people are busy with their future plans — the reason they needed liquidation services in the first place— and don’t have the time to sit around at a sale waiting for potential buyers to arrive. Professional auctioneers handle all of the bidding and selling, and all you have to do it wait for your check to arrive in the mail.

Overall, there are many reasons why we recommend estate auctions over sales in Maitland. Some can’t overlook the percentage that the auction company keeps, but when it’s a small percentage, it is worth not having to deal with the set-up, moving, selling, and dealing with any leftover items.

Enlist the Liquidation Services of Orlando Estate

When you need liquidation services, we can help. We’ll set you up with an auction plan, where we’ll discuss your specific needs. We will take inventory of your items, our professional movers will carefully package and transport your valuables to our modern gallery (even if you’re selling antiques!) , and we will host an auction where we will make sure to sell every one of your items. After we’re done, we will take our commission (usually 35%) out of the earnings and send you your check. Our average turnaround time is ten days, so you can rest easy knowing your items will sell and you’ll have a check quickly. Trust us with your Maitland liquidation services and give Orlando Estate Auction a call today at (407) 290-1000.