The Ins and Outs of Estate Liquidation

//The Ins and Outs of Estate Liquidation

The Ins and Outs of Estate Liquidation

Have you ever been to an Orlando estate sale? Most of the time, you show up a few hours before the actual estate liquidation begins in order to get a number telling you when you will be allowed to enter the sale. Once you have your number, you sit outside the house waiting for that number to be called. Often, there are quite a few people who go in ahead of you and most likely buy everything that you came specifically to find, like that Duncan Phyfe table or that first edition of Mark Twain.

On the other hand, maybe you are the one having the sale in your home or the home of a loved one. You watch as hundreds of people traipse through your house for what is proving to be a very, very long weekend. And the worst part, when the sale is done, you’re still stuck with half of the stuff that you wanted to sell. And you think, “There has to be a better way of going about this.” Orlando Estate Auction has exactly the answer to your dilemma- an estate liquidation auction.

Estate Liquidation Ins: Advantages for the Seller

  • Save time and effort; have someone else organize, package, transport, and sell the items for you.
  • The auction takes place in another location, not in your home.
  • Unlike sales, auctions sell all types of items, not just the tangible kind that can be present for the sale. Some of these unique items include stocks, bonds, and property.
  • With an absolute auction, all items are guaranteed to sell at market value, because the buyers set the market value.
  • Most importantly, when you hire us as your Orlando estate liquidation service, you will experience a company that treats you with care and respect throughout the entire process.

Estate Liquidation Outs: Advantages for the Buyer

  • As a buyer, you also can save time and effort; stop waiting for numbers for sales, instead come to one convenient location in downtown Orlando.
  • The auction atmosphere allows you to set your own price on the merchandise; as mentioned before, the buyer sets the market value.
  • With estate liquidation, you can be sure that you will find a wide range of merchandise, as well as a good quality selection that most likely contains some interesting and authentic antiques.

Are you in need of estate liquidation services? Contact Orlando Estate Auction at (407) 290-1000.

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