3 Important Reminders During an Estate Sale

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3 Important Reminders During an Estate Sale

If you’re considering hosting an estate sale, there are a lot of responsibilities in store. Advertising early on in Sanford, as well as purging unsalable items and pricing research are just a few of the duties involved. With so many tasks upfront, you want to make sure that you ensure a successful sale. After all, you don’t want your efforts to be for nothing! As professional auction planners, we have some tips for you.

1. Get a Head Start

The more time you have to prepare in Seminole County, the better. Pricing each item will take extensive attention, and deciding what to sell might take even longer. Some material items can have emotional meaning to their owner, making it difficult to part with seemingly basic belongings. By starting early, you have ample time for this process. For setting up an estate sale, we suggest that individuals start by:

  • Identifying the items you definitely want to keep
  • Packing them up to avoid accidental transactions
  • Selecting materials that are appropriate for donation
  • Scheduling a trip to the donation center in Sanford
  • Conducting an inventory of what’s left

Separating what you’d like to hold onto from what isn’t fit for purchase gives you an idea of what is salable. When you drop off donations, you create space in your house. This helps your buyers by making the crock-pot, curio cabinet, and Precious Moments collection more visible. These steps often take more time than expected, and you may have to repeat certain ones. For this reason, we suggest a head start.

2. Put Away Anything You Want to Keep

We mentioned this in the first tip, but we are going to repeat it because it is that important. Too many estate sale hosts leave something out or within reach of buyers. If you have family or friends helping out in Sanford, they may sell it without checking with you first. Don’t risk an unnecessary loss. Instead, pack the items you’d like to hold onto so you can guarantee that they stay with you.

3. Hire Estate Sale Professionals

When you choose professional estate sale auction services, you will increase your profit margin. While it might seem like an added expense to hire planners, you need to consider how the staff at Orlando Estate can assist you. We take care of everything, from:

With us, you avoid the hassle of pricing your uncle’s coin collection and hosting the event in your home. Not everyone in Sanford has the time, skill or energy to host such an occasion. If you want to maximize your profits without the stress of hosting an estate sale, call us at 407-290-1000 to learn more about our liquidation and auction services.