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There are a number of reasons to consider estate liquidation such as needing room for renovations or change. Or, in the case of more serious matters, liquidation is necessary to later sell the property of a deceased relative. Whatever the reason might be, Winter Garden residents can rely on Orlando Estate Auction to provide support from start to finish with their liquidation process. Estate liquidation does not exclusively refer to a home property. Rather, anything in a lot or storage may sell including cars, antiques, rare collectibles, and jewelry. Between estate sales, online auctions, or even pawning assets, finding the right business and process should rely on certain factors. Ask questions such as:

  • Will my items sell?
  • How quick is the process?
  • When will I have access to my funds?
  • What support services does the business provide?

Choosing the Best Estate Liquidation Method

When deciding which estate liquidation option is best for you, you will find that each has its benefits. However, a consignment auction is more beneficial for Winter Garden sellers because, on average, items sell for more.

Residents throughout Winter Garden may come across online options when they first start to look for a way to liquidate items. However, online options can lead to issues with receiving payments or even finding the right audience for your items. In addition, you may have to post each item separately if you go the online route. Not only that, but there can be posting limits as well costs to post more items. With pawn shops, they often do not accept a large number of items such as furniture sets. Some shops may hold auctions, but usually, they rely on popular items like jewelry to attract people. While you may receive your money immediately, it may be for less than market value. Rather than pawn shops or online options, Winter Garden residents can hire Orlando State Auction to sell off inventory.

Why are Consignment Auctions the Best Option?

When it comes to estate liquidation, a consignment auction simply means that your items are taken by a company to auction. The advantage of an auction lies in whether it is open or not, and if it has price minimums. In general, auctions that are open to the public and rely on bids bring in more bidders and better sales. Orlando Estate Auction does not limit buyers, and we seek to ensure every item sells.

In addition, with the support of an estate liquidation services company, Winter Garden sellers do not have to deal with the buyers. If you were to attempt to auction a car by yourself, for example, you might find it more difficult than you first thought. Often, buyers dealing directly with the seller will argue damages and problems. They may try to haggle down the price even after agreeing through an email or call that they would purchase it. At a consignment auction, when you win a bid, you pay for the item soon after. However, with online auctions, buyers may pay late, which can lead to a lengthy dispute claim.

The Estate Liquidation Process at Orlando Estate Auction

At Orlando Estate Auction, the estate liquidation process is simple and requires little effort on the seller’s part. First, it is wise to get an appraisal of the items that you intend to sell as well as pictures. You want to accentuate areas that display seals, logos, or other verifiable markers. Then, after setting up an appointment, we will go to you to verify the items. If something is not up to standards, they will return the item while also verifying your appraisals. A professional crew will then make the process much easier for you by transporting your property. After the auctions on Saturday and Monday, we will may your payment the following Wednesday. For a quick 10-day process, Winter Garden residents can contact Orlando Estate Auction today at (407) 290-1000 or online.