What sort of estatesale items does Orlando Estate Auction sell?

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What sort of estatesale items does Orlando Estate Auction sell?

Orlando Estate Auction sells just about anything you can imagine finding in a house at our weekly Satuday estatesales by auction! If it is found in a home, garage, office, or storage unit we can usually sell it. Common items include: estate antiques, fine furniture, estate guns, estate vehicles and deceased relatives cars, porcelain, artwork, decorative items, household items, electronics, workout equipment, yard equipment, appliances, garden ornamentation, linens, and all other estatesale items. 

Our estatesales by auction gallery is packed full of inventory from several estates for every Saturday estate auction. Your estatesales inventory that is marked and then placed in our gallery and displayed with the inventory of several other estates typically draws a full house with standing room only overflow in the rear of our gallery on a weekly basis. Your estatesale items that are most unique will bring bidders from all over the state as our online preview that is posted on Wednesday evenings is viewed by thousands of registered bidders on the following two days. 

When we receive full estates for estatesale by auction our bidders show up on Saturdays and our gallery fills with excitement, comradery, competitive spirit and bidding cards raised high in the air as bidders compete to purchase your estatesale inventory. The excitement of our auctions is unmatched by any auction in the state of Florida with a registered bidder database that is constantly growing. 

At Orlando Estate Auction we like to say “We have it… You want it!”. Our bidders are constantly frustrated from being outbid on our consignors estatesale inventory items, items that they can’t leave without. 

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