How do your estate sale services and the process of selling an estate work?

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How do your estate sale services and the process of selling an estate work?

Our  estate sale services are built upon a streamlined no trouble liquidation process which offers efficient and rapid liquidation of estate inventory. Our estate sale services pick up team consists of a polite and courteous crew of men and women who will meet you at your residence. These estate services professionals will load everything in your house that we can sell for you. They will have a contract which will be filled out to list the inventory that we are picking up to sell on your behalf. Our estate sale services team cannot list every single small item and may describe some items as box lot of dishware or box of linens. The larger items are itemized on this inventory, this streamlining of our process respects that your time is valuable and you do not have the time to wait for us to list every cup, saucer and spoon yet our estate services inventory will list every larger value item. 

When our Orlando Estate Auction estate sales services truck is back at our auction gallery we will sort and prepare your estate inventory items for selling. Large items are labeled individually with your consignor identification and boxed lots are marked by placing them in an area of our gallery that has been marked by our estate sale services staff with your consignor item. Boxes are also marked with your consignor number to insure that your estate sale inventory is separated form other estates in our gallery. On Saturday we sell every item in the building, our estate sale services staff are assigned positions during the Orlando Estate Auction preview hour from 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. to insure that bidders do not mix your estate sale items with those of other estates. Our professional staff also monitors to insure that items remain as displayed in our gallery set up as our estate sale services preparation team places items for optimal bidding based upon historical bidder data.

The Wednesday following the Saturday estate sale auction we send you a check for the proceeds of the inventory less our commission, (usually 35%). You will receive a printed inventory listing your estate items as well as how much each sold for. 

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