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Thousands of Americans have turned to selling antiques as a way to generate some much-needed income, but what exactly is an antique? For an item to gain that title, it must be over 100 years old. However, it is not just furniture and busts — even jewelry and silverware can be labeled as such. Even if an item is not that old, it can still have value if you can find the right buyer, and if the market is good. No matter where you are at, be it Windermere, Belle Isle, or any other part of Florida, here are a few things to consider when liquidating your acquired goods.

Always Hire an Appraiser

Have you ever tried looking for something in the dark, perhaps when the power went out, or you did not feel like turning on a light? Much in the same way, you are fumbling in the dark as to what an item is worth when you do not have it professionally appraised. Granted, an appraiser will charge for their services, and it is not a desirable position to pay out of pocket when you are looking at making money. However, when you are selling antiques, you want to be armed with the most information you can be in order to get the best price. What an appraisal can do for you is give you authority to lean on, and also tell you three important figures:

  • Fair market value: this is how much a prospective buyer will reasonably pay for a piece in the current market.
  • Insurable value: this is the amount a piece can be insured for in the case of the unforeseen.
  • Retail value: this is the value of the piece if it were currently being retailed as new.

So, if you are looking at getting the best price per piece, it does not matter if you are in Windermere, Belle Isle, or the Greater Orlando area — always go with the pros when selling antiques.

What About Looking Online?

The World Wide Web is a virtual cornucopia of information at your fingertips. Yes, there is some good information out there, but it is less of a supply issue and more sorting through the junk and superfluous information that is the problem. A professional who has experience selling antiques for twenty years or more will more reasonably be able to give you an accurate dollar amount than a Google search result on page one could. Instead, why not look up appraisers in the Windermere, Belle Isle, or greater Orlando area and see who gives you the best quote?

Auction VS. Independent

Yes, you can find numerous methods of selling antiques online. However, you may wish to reconsider and go with an estate auction company instead. While it may seem easier to type a few words and upload a picture on an internet auction site, you are doing yourself a disservice by essentially throwing your money away. Consider what an estate auction company can do for you:

  • Get the most bang per bid with higher revenue grossed.
  • Expose your precious items to passionate buyers, rather than apathetic strangers.
  • These companies do all the work for you and handle the transport of goods.
  • They are motivated to help you because they do not make money if you do not.
  • Reserve pricing puts your mind at east that you cannot make less than a certain amount per item.
  • These businesses have their own appraisers so there are no added fees from hiring one yourself.

Now, it is true that auction companies take a percentage off for their services. However, it is relatively small (unless it is a full estate liquidation, then it is typically around 30%) but when you add up what you are receiving, you will find it is more than worth it. So, if you are in the Greater Orlando area (Windermere, Belle Isle, etc.) look for the best auction companies to guarantee the most money when it comes to selling antiques.

Pass on Pawning

Pawnshops are another avenue people pursue when looking to quickly liquidize their assets and turn them into cold hard cash. Selling antiques here is nothing more than a sham; these businesses have no love of art. Rather, they are only interested in buying your belongings at the bottom dollar then turning around and selling them quickly for a profit. These sorts of predators prey upon the poor and the desperate rather than actively court a client base. Pawning is a pretty quick process, but your priceless necklace or set of family silver will probably sell for less than half of what it is worth, if you are lucky. So, if you are in Windermere, Belle Isle, or elsewhere, skip the predation and go with a reputable auction company who will respect you, respect your artwork, and give a respectable price.

Orlando Estate Auction: Selling Antiques with Integrity

With everything you have learned — the appraisal process, the prices, how auctioneering works, and pitfalls to avoid — it should be easy now to go with a reputable estate liquidation business. These companies have years of experience in getting bidders to bid the most for your valuables. These groups will fight to get you the absolute top dollar that you deserve, so if you are in the Greater Orlando area, Windermere, or Belle Isle, do not settle. For the best in selling antiques, call Orlando Estate Auction at (407) 290-1000 to schedule an appraisal!