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Here at Orlando Estate Auction, we offer many services such as buying and selling antiques in Orlando and the surrounding area. With a steady stream of repeat customers, there is always someone looking for antiques to purchase in the Orlando area. Our mission is to provide our clients with ethical, professional and efficient service when they need it most.

One of the major benefits of working with us in selling antiques in Orlando is our customers are always looking for many different objects; meaning many of the items you own you considered “junk” could be valuable in the eyes of others.  There is always a place for your antiques here.  In the past we have sold items such as:

  • Storage chests
  • Furniture
  • Sterling
  • Guns
  • Fine china
  • Tools
  • Jewelry
  • Cars
  • Musical instruments
  • Artwork
  • …And so much more!

There are a few different options to consider when selling antiques in Orlando.  Here at Orlando Estate Auction, we can hold an Absolute Auction for your antiques with no reserves and no minimums. This means your inventory is sold piece by piece, with no minimum starting price for the product, and there is no threshold price the purchaser has to meet for the piece to be sold.  Every item that is sold goes to the highest bidder with a 10% buyer’s premium.  Other options are for us to either sell your items as one complete lot, or we can sell your antiques individually for a small commission.

A Place for Selling Antiques in Orlando

Selling antiques in Orlando can seem like a complicated ordeal, but here at Orlando Estate Auction it is easy.  The whole process will take a total of 10 days.

First, our professionals will arrive at your home and wrap, pack, move, and carefully clean your items to get them into a sell-ready state.

Next we will discuss which option you would like to choose; then we will either sell or auction your pieces based upon your preferences. You will be given a printed list of each item that was sold, and for how much each item was sold. Enclosed with this list will be your check for the total of your items.

In less than 2 weeks, your house will be cleaned out of all of your unwanted items and you will have money to spend on the items you want, instead of the items you were handed.

When it comes to selling antiques in Orlando, Orlando Estate Auction holds weekly auctions for the new antiques acquired.  So there is no waiting for a month or two until the other places finally have room for your pieces.  The antiques you give to us will be highlighted in our auction room with opportunities for all of our customers to bid on the goods.  Auctioning your goods to the highest bidder often provides the highest profit for the seller. It allows the community to come together and emits a sense of playful competitiveness in the air providing the sellers with higher profits.

Orlando Estate Auction

Orlando Estate Auction functions as an agent between your antiques and your profit to eliminate all the stress from selling antiques in Orlando. Our job is not to just sell items, but to please our clients and ensure customer satisfaction.  Our entire operation is completely transparent so you can rest assured that your goods are being valued at a fair price for both the seller and the buyer.  So the next time you are unsure about the proper steps to take, call (407) 290-1000, and allow our professionals help you in every step of the selling experience.