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Selling antique furniture can be difficult when you don’t know where or how to find interested buyers. Orlando Estate Auction is your local solution to getting rid of old furniture you are bored with, or have inherited. Our buying and selling services in Orlando have regular customers; we always have someone interested in buying antiques.

We provide each of our clients with ethical, professional, and efficient services any time you need us. When you consign items to the professionals of Orlando Estate, know that you get access to the most reliable auction organizer around central Florida.

Why Sell To Us?

The major benefit of selling antique furniture through professional services like ours includes the interest we have in a variety of objects. Some of our past clients thought of their furniture as junk, but we are happy to say we are almost always able to find an interested buyer.

We are not only interested in selling antique furniture; our sales also include additional items such as:

  • Sterling silver
  • Storage Chests
  • Guns
  • Fine china
  • Tools
  • Jewelry
  • Cars
  • Musical instruments
  • Artwork
  • And so much more! In fact there is very little that we would not be interested in featuring in one of our auctions.

Selling Antique Furniture: Simple 3 Step Process

Once you make the decision to hire Orlando Estate to take care of the sales for you, we have an easy three step process for selling antique furniture that we can guarantee will leave you satisfied with your decision:

  • Our professional movers will help you gather, wrap, pack, and move any items you are thinking of including in the sale. We will also have a team ready to clean and get all your antique furniture ready to be sold.
  • We like to offer our customers the choice between a few styles of sales. Absolution Auctions have no reserves and no minimum, which mean each piece will be sold with no starting point and no threshold has to be met. We can also sell items as a complete set or we could be selling antique furniture individually for a small commission. We are happy to sit down and discuss which is best for you.
  • Finally, your only job is to let us complete the sale. Within two weeks, you will be free of any of your unwanted items and have the money from the sale in your bank account.

Working with Orlando Estate is the quick way to get great results. Our auction room holds weekly sales to showcase the new antiques we acquired and all auctioneers will have the opportunity to bid on your items as soon as they are ready to be sold. Auctions are also known to provide the highest profit for the seller and allow the community to get together for competitiveness.

Orlando Estate is a sale agent located in the downtown gallery that helps you eliminate the stress of selling antique furniture. We have interested buyers who help us ensure our client’s satisfaction. We keep our estate auctions open to the public to allow more visitors, resulting in better sales and more money for you.

Orlando Estate Auction and Liquidation

Every step of the selling process is kept transparent so you can be assured your items will be sold at fair price, and can access any information you want. Our professionals are available to answer any of your questions during the entire process so you can be updated on the situation, even if you are out of town.

Selling antique furniture is made easy with Orlando Estate! We will be in touch with you all the way until each piece is sold. For more information, send us an email or give us a call at (407) 290-1000.