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Are you asking yourself, “Where are the best public auctions near me?” In Central Florida, the best place to go for new treasures and household goods is Orlando Estate Auction.

Public Auctions Near Me — Orlando Estate Auction

As a full-service company, when you are searching for ‘public auctions near me’ Orlando Estate is in the top results for a reason. Our company handles everything for you so that all you have to do is find a new item (or items) to bring home with you.

The Benefits of Auctions

Before searching for ‘public auctions near me,’ you may have considered selling that old armoire or your antique silver set online or via a yard sale. If you have any experience with these methods in the past, however, you know they can be a serious pain. Not only are they time-consuming and uncomfortable, but you often do not make nearly enough on the sale to consider it a worthwhile use of time.

In contrast, auctions are the ideal solution. They take care of a multitude of problems. For one, the items go to our gallery in Orlando, and we take care of the selling so you do not have to. That means there will not be any strangers coming to your house, nor will you have to haggle over prices. In addition, we transport large items like furniture for you. Leave the heavy lifting to us! Finally, you will make more money this way as opposed to selling yourself because bidding creates demand. At a yard sale, most people usually accept the first offer to come along on an item. At one of our events, the items go to the highest bidder, and our professional auctioneers create a strong demand for the goods, increasing bids.

For Buyers

When buyers ask themselves, “What are the best choices for public auctions near me?” Orlando Estate is the answer. Every Saturday and Monday, you can attend one of our events to see what treasures are available to bid on. Once the event begins, you can place your bid for the items you want. The best part of our events is the excitement in the air and the possibility of anything. You never know when an item will start a bidding match, or when you get a super valuable item at an absolute steal. Our inventory is constantly changing, so many locals enjoy attending our events every week to see what new goods are available to purchase.

For Sellers

If you are thinking, “I’d like to sell at public auctions near me” then Orlando Estate can help. Selling with our full-service company is as easy as can be. You give us a call, and we will come to you for pick up and inventory. Once we have collected and carefully packaged everything that we can sell, we will go over the inventory and plan of action with you. Then we transport the goods to our posh gallery where we sell items for the highest bid on Saturdays and Mondays. Then, your consignor check will be put in the mail the following Wednesday. Because we operate an absolute auction, we make sure that every last item sells.

Call Orlando Estate Auction

If you are ready to find the best public auctions near me, simply visit Orlando Estate! We are Central Florida’s top consignment and liquidation service, known for amazing deals for both buyers and sellers. With us, everybody wins. As a seller, you can expect the turnaround from sending off your items to receiving your consignor check to take about ten days. Imagine it — just over a week from now, you can earn money and free up space in your home. For buyers, you can visit our events every Saturday and Monday to find new items that enrich your life. You just never know what treasures you may find.

To learn more or to begin consigning, get started on our website. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us or call us at 407-290-1000. You no longer need to ask, “Where are public auctions near me?” You know that Orlando Estate is the answer!