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It is hard enough dealing with your own affairs, but having to handle a family member’s estate liquidation in Sanford can make things very complex. In the article below, we will go over some basic guidelines when it comes to selling someone else’s property in the Orlando area.

Handling Someone’s Estate Can Be a Bigger Task Than You Think

On average, as many as two million people pass away every year in America. This boils down to about five thousand families each day not only dealing with the loss of a loved one but also having the responsibility of seeing to the wishes the deceased person may have had regarding their personal property. The amount of private property being sold yearly is staggering when you add to that the millions of people who move or downsize from a larger home to a much smaller house.

Many people who find themselves having to liquidate have never been in that position before, and as such, they typically make mistakes. That is where this guide comes into play. At Orlando Estate Auction, we aim to answer any questions you may have regarding estate liquidation in the Sanford area.

What are the top three pieces of advice for someone in Sanford who has decided to pursue estate liquidation without professional help?

  1. Without exception, always seek out professional help to best understand the value of the items you have and the best way to go about selling them for the most profit.
  2. Keep your prices high initially and negotiate lower as sales progress.
  3. Finally, seek assistance from family and friends during the process.

Are there certain items that should be discarded instead of sold?

As a rule, avoid selling toxins, solvents, old food, poisons, and any other material that could cause any negative health consequences towards the person who bought them. This goes without saying, but it avoids any legal problems that might arise from selling these harmful things. It also makes good sense, ethically speaking.

Firearms are also something to consider. It is outright illegal to sell them in many areas without a license, including here in Sanford and Orlando. Make sure you check your local laws before selling weapons of any sort with estate liquidation. Even in areas where this is legal, there are usually other legal standards and procedures you must abide by.

What is the biggest misconception regarding estate liquidation in Sanford?

The biggest thing that trips people up is having unreasonable expectations of value. It is only natural to hope that objects you have inherited are valuable, but the reality is that antiques are presently selling for deflated prices in today’s marketplace. This is also true for a great number of different collectibles.

People also think they cannot sell high-value items at their estate sale. However, the fact is, you can sell thousands of dollars of personal property including coins, jewelry, and automobiles in the Orlando area.

What is the biggest problem that one may run into when it comes to estate liquidation?

The most significant issue people face is time. Either people make rash decisions and rush right in or wait too long and run into a situation where things need to be sold fast. In either case, you are forced to liquidate without doing much research or receiving professional input.

Not seeking professional help in Orlando is another common problem. People think it is prudent to go through the process themselves, without assistance. Doing so will play right into the pickers who are dependent on families conducting their own sales. Pickers have the advantage at private sales and sometimes avoid professional sales for the very reason that they know individuals are not as experienced, and they hope to take advantage of that fact.

Choose Orlando Estate Auction for Estate Liquidation in the Sanford Area

If you are considering estate liquidation in Sanford, then call the professionals at Orlando Estate Auction. We will handle the minor details, so you do not have to, and this ensures that you receive a fair compensation with the least amount of stress. We do everything for you, from researching items and their values, transporting everything to our gallery, preparing everything for auction, and selling items to the highest bidder. This ensures that you are more likely to get a better value for your goods. Call (407) 290-1000 or contact us online and we will get you started on the process.